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Fear Not – Biden’s Coming

March 19, 2014

Eastern Europe is now experiencing, up close, the consequences of a weak American president. President Obama, hailed as a breath of fresh air and destined to drag the United States into the “enlightened” world, was expected to be a great “Uniter” using nothing more than touchy-feely rhetoric. The bad guys didn’t buy it.

Obama’s foreign policy has been centered on making friends with bad guys, alienating good guys, and using words as a deterrent. Israel no longer considers us a reliable ally and has accused the United States of projecting weakness internationally. Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed at Obama’s sanctions against 11 people (read that again – 11 people!) resulting almost immediately in Russia annexing Crimea. Iran thumbs its nose at Obama every chance it gets and North Korea is firing rockets provocatively into the Sea of Japan. Obama’s answer to growing aggression in the world has been to make cuts to our military.

To reassure European allies concerned about Russia’s action in Ukraine, Obama is sending vice president Joe Biden, the court jester. How reassuring is that? People laugh at the mere mention of Biden’s name. Unless he arrives with a squadron of fighter jets, a few thousand troops, and a missile defense system, there will be little assurance. It will just be another insult to our allies.

The world will be wrestling with the damage caused by a weak American president for quite some time and, unfortunately, there may be much more on the horizon. The leader of the free world is proving to be no leader. Leading from behind didn’t work in Syria and it is now a joke amusing only Putin. Eastern Europe is not laughing. Perhaps Biden will bring a smile.

David J. Hentosh

Another Biden Blunder

February 26, 2014

Let Joe Biden speak for more than 90 seconds and he will utter a foolish blunder. He is so well known for gaffes that when asked about him, the majority of people’s first response is laughter. That may be OK for a national clown, but it is embarrassing for a vice president.

Biden was true to form when recently asked about California governor Jerry Brown’s efforts at getting a high speed rail project up and running. Admitting that he was a “train guy”, Biden glowingly spoke of the high speed rail “making sense” by “going from California into Las Vegas” at a speed of “230-240 miles an hour”.

The problem is that this projected high speed rail does not go to Las Vegas (it is expected to run between San Francisco and San Diego) and the top speed, which most probably will never be reached, is only 220 miles an hour. Joe’s assertion, therefore, that it “makes sense” ends up highly doubtful, too.

Biden has lauded this project for quite some time so his confusion should not be treated lightly, especially since he is considered by some to be a viable presidential candidate for 2016. That idea should be as laughable as many of his gaffes, but it would be much too serious a mistake to laugh about.

Biden says whatever he wishes whenever he wishes, all delivered with a smug, cocky smile. He is little more than a cheerleader for Obama which is why many of the so-called journalists covering the White House love him. He is like them: a blind, unshakeable believer. He should join them to cover the next administration in the White House, but he certainly should not become part of that administration.

David J. Hentosh

Obama Wears No Pants

September 7, 2013

For the longest time, blinders enabled many to believe they had a leader in the White House who will fulfill their dream. Finally, the obvious is becoming recognized: The king wears no pants.

Yes, there are those who will stick with Obama regardless of his decisions or actions and go against their own long-held positions against military intervention of any sort and pay higher premiums for health care with less coverage. They are too heavily invested in ideology and will continue to see racism in every criticism in order to ease the burden of denying reality. However, many more are beginning to see for the first time.

It is like watching a slapstick comedy routine with Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Kerry, and other hardcore, partisan fools reversing positions they once held, pretending that military intervention is the president’s responsibility, and his alone. They even praised Obama as being courageous for going to Congress for approval, conveniently forgetting that Bush did so based on integrity, not indecision.

Obama has been given a pass on every blunder he made, and there have been many, but his lack of leadership, experience, and refusal to take responsibility can no longer be overlooked. He has positioned our country between a rock and a hard place with a foreign policy that emboldened enemies and alienated allies. His lack of leadership has been an embarrassment, and it has now become dangerous.

Focusing on social engineering and “fundamentally transforming America” into a progressive Eden has not only fractured our society; it has left the world with no direction or means to deal with the turmoil in the Middle East. The far-left’s desire to eradicate America as a super power has been advanced by the Obama administration to the point where keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of terrorists may no longer be possible. Israel, surrounded by a sea of hate, may now be the world’s only hope, and the world is not friendly to Israel.

The proper course to take with Syria is not obvious. We are damned if we do and we may be damned if we don’t. What is obvious is that there is little trust in Obama making the right decision and even if he does, there is a growing feeling that he will somehow bungle that, too. We are deeply mired in Obama’s transformed America.

David J. Hentosh




Racism From the Left Gets a Pass at MSNBC

January 31, 2013

There was no uproar, offense, or calls for resignation at MSNBC when former DNC director of communications Karen Finney described Republicans as “those crazy crackers on the right . . . with their very hateful language”. Making this clearly racist remark even more stunning was the fact that Finney was railing against, and calling for an end to, hateful language when she said it.

This is a perfect example of the one-way street many progressive liberals blindly travel on their way to “fundamentally transforming” America. For years, racism has been a trump card for the left while they considered themselves immune from such allegations. Many have even expressed their firm belief that blacks and other minorities can never be racists.

The left has deluded itself into believing that hate, racism, stupidity, and evil only exists on the right. President Obama, who once campaigned on being a “uniter”, polarized the country further than it has ever been and fueled the fire of this delusion. Arrogantly refusing to accept responsibility for anything that is wrong, Obama has gone so far as to blame hurricane Sandy for the recent drop in the GDP and FOX News for the “nasty atmosphere” in Washington – an atmosphere he helped create.

With most of the mainstream media on the same page as the White House and avidly believing in and promoting this one-way-street delusion, it can only get worse. Silence from those who know better enables it to continue. The time has come to speak out, or face the real possibility of delusional Joe Biden becoming our next president. If that doesn’t motivate you to speak up, you’ve become part of the problem.

David J. Hentosh

Biden’s Bogus Boasting

January 19, 2013

Vice president Biden is loved by the liberal media for speaking “off the cuff”, but he has long surpassed that tendency and now speaks more “off the wall”. That’s what happens when someone is given a pass for poor behavior; it gets worse over time. Biden is becoming a caricature of himself and it is no longer amusing.

His latest off-the-wall stretching of the truth occurred during a meeting of mayors in Washington where he was cheer leading for Obama’s gun control measures. He claimed to have been golfing a quarter-mile away from the Amish schoolhouse shooting in 2006 and heard the gunshots, but the nearest golf course is five miles away and he was not there at the time. Unless he was putting alone in the woods, his story is a total fabrication.

Biden loves to make up stories that give him a seemingly first-hand understanding of issues that are usually outside his personal experience. He is the epitome of the self-serving, ingratiating politician who feels the need to connect with people by “sharing their pain”. Biden pretends to be a “common Joe” in order to bring himself down to a typical voter’s level – a level he has been far removed from for quite some time. He feels empowered to make up stories to do so.

It is no surprise that Obama seems to have a special connection with Biden as does the liberal media. It is also no surprise that there is talk of him running for president in 2016. It would be a continuation of the farce and a further return on the media’s investment in Obama.

It is time to put a stop to Biden’s buffoonery and lies. He is an embarrassment to the White House and to the nation. It is unfortunate that he remains vice president, but it would be a disaster if he became president. That idea needs to be nipped in the bud now.

David J. Hentosh

Elite Biden’s Sneering Performance

October 12, 2012

Of course liberal elitists loved Biden’s over-the-top performance in the VP debate. How could they not? Sneering is their game and it is driven by delusions of superior intelligence. Biden reeked with it.

Convinced that anyone who doesn’t agree with dictated ideological principles is a fool, liberals cannot hide disdain. Biden was certainly not trying to hide his. He was deliberately showing it, perhaps even forcing it at times, to display a superiority he believes the American public will find appealing.

It is hard to believe normal people will find Biden’s sneering,  arrogant display appealing. Confidence is certainly acceptable, but arrogance has never been appreciated and many have fallen because of it. Biden, of course, has always seemed to be slightly out of touch with reality, and his deliberate tactic of arrogance proved he was once again.

VP debates never change the course of a presidential election, but they certainly can highlight the philosophical difference for voters. The choice clearly shown here is between class and elite arrogance. Content of this debate is already being forgotten.

Mad Hatter Chris Matthews loved Biden’s performance as, one can suspect, did Obama. Only those sharing that elite arrogance  appreciate it. For many others, it left a bad taste that will linger all the way to November.

David J. Hentosh

The Keystone Cop Obama Administration

October 3, 2012

There are so many contradictions, missteps, and outright errors occurring in the Obama administration that the infamous Keystone Cops are in danger of losing their place in American culture as the epitome of ineptness. Unfortunately, the Keystone Cops were fictional and the Obama administration is real.

One need only listen to Vice president Biden speak for more than two minutes to get a taste of the clown side of this administration. Biden’s latest gaffe, asserting that the middle class has been buried for the last four years, directly goes against Obama’s ‘blame-Bush’ message on the economy he claims to have saved. Biden inadvertently spoke the truth but will surely be taken to the woodshed because of it.

Listening to Obama’s press secretary, “Baghdad Bob” Jay Carney, rationalizing the irrational policies and actions of the administration has also been very clownish. One can almost feel sorry for Carney as he tries to spit in your ear and tell you it’s raining – almost. It usually just ends up being an insult to one’s intelligence.

Speaking of the economy, another comedy skit from this bumbling administration has Obama aide Stephanie Cutter denying they are blaming Bush while at the same time campaign adviser Robert Gibbs is blaming Bush. It seems it’s not only Biden who is confused.

The administration’s mishandling of the attacks in Libya are Keystone Cop antics displaying incompetence dangerous to our nation’s security. Furthermore, the ensuing cover-up proves that re-election is, and has been, the top priority for Obama. Admitting terrorism contradicts his boasting of beating terrorists; therefore, he blames a video.

One can only hope that at this time next year we will be repairing the damage and be able to look back with laughter at the punch lines from this administration, such as: “Solyndra green jobs”, “You can keep the coverage you have”, “Government Motors”, “You didn’t build that yourself”, “The private sector is doing fine”, “Post-racial era”, “Fast and Furious”, “Fair share”, and so many more.

If, however, this comedy show is renewed for another season, there will be little laughter and there will be little hope. We will have to resort to old Keystone Cop movies if we will want to laugh about incompetence, though they will seem like amateurs in comparison.

David J. Hentosh

So, Where’s the Oil?

December 16, 2011

As Iraq takes control of the US military’s last base in the country, the question no one is asking begs an answer: Where’s all the oil? The liberal media hammered away at the idea that the war in Iraq was all about oil and Obama (accompanied by cheerleader Biden) has been taking credit for success in Iraq. Therefore, it should follow that we are successfully leaving Iraq laden with millions of barrels of oil.

US defense secretary, Leon Panetta, told departing troops at Baghdad International Airport: “After a lot of blood spilled by Iraqis and Americans, the mission of an Iraq that could govern and secure itself has become real”. In a speech to returning troops in North Carolina, President Obama said:  “Everything that American troops have done in Iraq…has led us to this moment of success”. In these, dare we say, “Mission accomplished” speeches, there is no mention of oil.

How can a war for oil be labeled a success when we are leaving with no oil? The military is leaving behind equipment in Iraq valued at approximately $580 million in an effort to save $1 billion in shipping costs, but not one dollar in shipping costs is being used for oil. There are no tankers lined up to bring home the spoils from our “war for oil”.

Renewed bombing attacks at Iraq’s Rumaila oilfield have halved output but the US military is leaving those oilfields for Iraq to protect. Aren’t they our oilfields now? Doesn’t “success” in Iraq mean we won the “war for oil” and we should protect it?

This raises the possibility that the media and the far left may have been wrong. If not, President Obama must then be lying about our “success” in Iraq. We can expect the persistent demand from the left of “No blood for oil” to now turn into an indignant complaint of “No oil for blood” – or an apology is in order.


David J. Hentosh

‘Victory’ a Dirty Word

December 2, 2011

In a recent interview, Vice President Biden verbally strutted like a peacock in a victory dance over the removal of troops from Iraq, emphasizing that the administration is “…not claiming victory”, making his victory dance look pretty foolish. This is the same Joe Biden who adamantly predicted that the surge in Iraq would not work. The surge, of course, was a Bush strategy that paved the way for what Biden is now claiming ownership of but, wink-wink, not claiming a victory.

As he does every time he speaks longer than 20 seconds, Biden let his mouth get the best of him and further informed us there is no validity to “…the idea that there is sufficient capacity to bring down this government (Iraq), to fundamentally alter this democratic process that is under way.” Forget for a moment how much like ‘victory’ that sounds and contemplate the hubris involved. Of course he immediately warned, again, that “We’re not claiming victory”, just in case he was misunderstood.

The very idea of “victory” is distasteful to this politically correct administration (and the far left), so Biden needs to be concerned about it. President Obama, back in 2009, told us that he is “…always worried about using the word ‘victory’…” so it should be no surprise that this administration’s policies for Iraq and Afghanistan were never geared for winning or a ‘victory’. Those policies were always geared for nothing more than Obama’s personal political gain. Biden, being an excellent sycophant, understands this perfectly.

David J. Hentosh

Mid-East Strategic Military Presence In Jeopardy

October 26, 2011

Regardless of one’s opinion about the Iraq War, it is hard to refute that an expected long-term benefit from that war would be a continuing military presence in what we all hoped would become a friendly country in the Middle East. Centrally located in a volatile spot of the world, this strategic presence could cut military response time, providing a base of operations and supply if the need arose. This benefit is evaporating.

The agreement of a military presence that President Bush insisted on in negotiations with the Iraqi government slowly began to fall apart during the Obama administration, but according to embassy documents, neither Obama nor Biden had any direct contact with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki since February of this year. Consequently, decisions have been made that may force us entirely out of Iraq. It seems that Obama’s campaign promise to remove all troops from Iraq took precedence over the country’s best interests.

Obama has received accolades, most hypocritically from the military-hating left, for killing terrorists such as bin Laden and Gaddafi. The unfortunate fact is that the loss of our continued military presence in Iraq will put the future security of the U.S. and the entire region at a far greater risk than that presented by those few terrorists. While Obama does his victory dance, terrorists in Iran are dancing in the streets over the real possibility of an Iraq with no US military presence. They can’t wait.

Obama’s “soft” international policies have not been hardened by the killing of a few notorious terrorists. His lack of experience has combined with his personal political aspirations and his idealism to put our country in a difficult position for the future. One can only hope that this setback can be reversed by the next administration.

David J. Hentosh


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