You Can’t Make This Up

February 10, 2014

In North Carolina, NAACP protesters against voter ID laws were highly advised to bring photo IDs to the protest.

Read it and laugh/cry here: ID’s Required

Crack Pipe Vending machines have been installed in Vancouver’s troubled East Side.

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Who Outfoxed Who?

February 5, 2014

The most revealing moment of Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl interview with president Obama came when he asked a question from a viewer wanting to know why Obama wants to “transform” America when it is the country that gave him so much. Obama began by saying he didn’t want to transform America, but O’Reilly quickly interrupted and said “those are your words”. Obama continued as if he didn’t hear him, but there is no doubt that he did.

It was, perhaps, a question he was not prepared for and O’Reilly’s calling him on the pretense of having never said he wanted to transform America threw him. Obama chose to continue with his evasive answer rather than acknowledge O’Reilly, but he had just been caught and it showed in his eyes.

The liberal media is arguing that O’Reilly interrupted the president too often, but that’s what a journalist is supposed to do when questions are being evaded and precious time is being wasted. The liberal media forgot how to do this and O’Reilly embarrassed them not only by interrupting, but by posing questions they fear to ask.

Obama’s evasions and non-answers given in this interview are what the media unconditionally accepts as definitive, therefore, some are saying O’Reilly was outfoxed. However, it was clearly evident the president had no cogent answers and O’Reilly knew this going in. The evasions and non-answers were expected and O’Reilly brought them out, showing that the king wears no pants.

Obama’s blaming FOX News for what he calls non-scandals came off as petty – again. He also called O’Reilly unfair in his coverage but could not give an example of that unfairness when pressed except to say that the questions O’Reilly asked showed unfairness. Yes, a president used to tough questions from the media about his March Madness picks might think that, but a journalist wouldn’t.

O’Reilly let Obama’s pettiness and evasiveness fill the room like yesterday’s garbage for all to see. So, who outfoxed who?

David J. Hentosh

The Slippery Tax Slope

January 29, 2014

Hawaii House Majority Floor Leader Rida Cabanilla wants to legalize cultivation of marijuana in her state for sale and export to foreign jurisdictions where usage is lawful. Admitting that she is not a fan of marijuana, Cabanilla is nonetheless very eager to get her hands on possible revenues and wants federal laws changed to allow Hawaii to rake in the dough.

This is the fuel feeding the frenzy to legalize marijuana. It is not Hippies and stoners chasing a dream and it is not the need for medicinal use. It is the quest for more taxes to pay for runaway spending and ever-increasing government assistance. Dollar signs are trumping warning signs and politicians are jumping on the pot bandwagon.

Statistics have been cherry-picked and data creatively interpreted to show benefits ($$$) of legalization while predictions of negative consequences have been ignored or sneeringly belittled. Sound familiar? It should, because the exact same thing was done with Obamacare and, once again, it will be the children who end up paying.

Why stop at marijuana? There are more taxes waiting to be mined by legalizing cocaine, heroin, prostitution, street drag racing, dog fighting, human trafficking and a host of other activities. Simply dropping the age requirement on the purchase and consumption of alcohol could bring a large increase in tax revenue.

Many sneer at the mention of a slippery slope but it occurs all the time. Abortion became legal only to help women with special circumstances and is now claimed to be a “right”. Free needles for drug users slid down the slope to free crack pipes. Demands for civil unions for gay couples slid quickly into re-defining the institution of marriage. The list is long and varied.

When taxes from marijuana become the government’s main source of revenue, everyone will be expected to smoke their “fair share” to fund the drug rehabs high school seniors will be required to complete before graduating – if they make it that far. Here’s a tip: Buy stock in Frito-Lay now, and make sure you sell it before the government taxes their products out of reach for the common man. It’s a sure thing.

David J. Hentosh

Top-down Flow of Arrogance

January 22, 2014

NY Governor Cuomo displayed ignorant arrogance with his recent comment: “Extreme conservatives have no place in New York”. Had he only said “extremists”, it might not have been so bad, but his idea of an extremist applies only to conservatives and he made that perfectly clear.

Protecting un-born children, respecting the 2nd Amendment, and believing in traditional marriage are unacceptable and extremist views to Cuomo. His lame explanation that he was only referring to political candidates doesn’t make it any more palatable because elected politicians are supposed to represent all constituents – and many hold those views.

This is a top-down flow of the political arrogance president Obama exudes and it will now permeate Cuomo’s king-like reign. Obama’s refusal to compromise, his demonization of the opposition, and his disrespect for the law flooded his entire administration and it is reaching city and state levels. Cuomo proudly displayed it, convincing more than just the rich that it’s time to leave NY.

Former NY City Mayor Bloomberg displayed this self-righteous attitude as does newly-elected mayor de Blasio who now views his election as a “mandate” to repudiate Bloomberg’s policies. For many, Obama legitimized treating an election as a “mandate” to do whatever one wants and it is becoming standard. This is especially true for many liberal politicians who have pompously convinced themselves that their views are the most popular views of “the American People”.

It seems our entire government is infected with a top-down attitude that works against the common good. Changing leadership is the only remedy, and that can begin in November. Please vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Dizzy From Media Spin

January 14, 2014

“Bridgegate”, as the Christie traffic fiasco is being called, received 17 times more coverage from ABC, NBC, and CBS News in a 24-hour span than the IRS scandal received in 6 months. MSNBC is even going to run a one-hour special to discuss several “theories” about it.

MSNBC’s prescient Mika already provided her theory, stating: “we know Chris Christie and we know he would have known”. She also “knows” what is and isn’t a scandal, saying: “…to bring up Benghazi and the IRS is like flailing for some sort of distraction”. Four dead Americans have become just a distraction.

Bridgegate is a “twofer” for the liberal media. It’s an opportunity to smear a potential presidential candidate threatening Hillary’s chances and it is a substitute for Obama administration scandals that are getting harder and harder to ignore. It even has the additional benefit of keeping continuing negative Obamacare revelations from public awareness.

One of those revelations is that in 2014, 80% of individual costs to health insurance companies between $45,000 and $250,000 will be paid by the government. When insurance is purchased through the government exchanges, private insurance companies are only liable for costs below $45,000. Taxpayers pay the rest. This is not worthy to be a news story.

The continuing takeover by Al Qaida of abandoned Iraq isn’t news, either, except for NBC to tell us that the Iraq War wasn’t worth it. Obama made sure it wasn’t worth it when he failed (deliberately?) to maintain a military presence in Iraq after hastily pulling our troops out. His eagerness to get totally out of Iraq gave new life to defeated Al Qaida forces and they are now back. The media will protect Obama from any blame.

If you don’t like Obama and didn’t vote for him, you are a racist. If you don’t like Hillary and will not vote for her, you are a misogynist. For the media, it’s that simple – and it will be news. The so-called GOP war against women is THE talking point and you will hear it for the next three years as the media prepares to “make history”, again.

You are sure to become dizzy from the spin.

David J. Hentosh

You Make the Call

January 10, 2014

A deputy chief of staff for Chris Christie closed two lanes on the George Washington Bridge in order to tie up traffic in an act of political vengeance against the town’s mayor for not endorsing Christie’s re-election. Christie denies having known about it, condemned the act, publically apologized, and fired the deputy chief of staff responsible.

Under Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, four Americans died in a terrorist attack that she tried to blame on a You-tube video. No help was given to the embassy being attacked and information surrounding her involvement is still being withheld. No one was fired. She was also involved in the Whitewater scandal and the White House travel office firings. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates claims in a recently released book that during her losing 2008 Democratic primary battle, Hillary admitted she opposed the Iraq War surge for purely political reasons.

Which one of these politicians is now in a “cloud of scandal” that will “rupture the image” needed to run for president? Whose chances for nomination are “marred” or in “serious danger”? Whose presidential run is “doomed” and over before it even started? Who is the media demanding answers from?

You already know what the mainstream media thinks – but you make the call. You’re the one who will make the final determination.

David J. Hentosh

Finally, a Real War on Drugs

January 9, 2014

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D) focused his State of the State Address on the Heroin crisis in his state and, by doing so, showed he is one of the few politicians understanding the epidemic use of heroin (and other opiates) occurring in the country. He may be ridiculed by some for doing so, but he is dead right addressing the rising drug mortality rate.

In Bucks County, there were 136 drug-related deaths in 2013 (2.6 each week) and half of those were people under the age of 34. If you add in the three surrounding counties (Montgomery, Delaware, Philadelphia), the total is over 14 deaths from drugs each week. If that many deaths were occurring because of tainted meat, a chemical spill, or gang violence, it would be the leading news story across the nation each night.

Governor Shumlin made drug deaths a leading news story because in Vermont last year, the number of deaths from drugs doubled from the previous year. Shumlin presented the statistics well and made sure all understood the escalating economic impact. That will hit hard-hearted politicians where it hurts most, the wallet, and possibly spark interest.

Drug use and drug deaths are occurring all around us and most just turn their heads. Governor Shumlin deserves credit for refusing to do so. He presented sensible ideas on how to address the problem and showed an inclination to listen to new ideas. He laid out a battle plan for the lost and forgotten war on drugs that just may make a difference. Legalizing marijuana certainly won’t.

Perhaps the nation will listen. If not, it’s a good bet that the drug mortality rate will continue to increase until a more influential politician experiences it firsthand. It always happens to someone else – until it happens to you. Then, unfortunately,  it becomes all too real and too late to act.

David J. Hentosh

Obama Gave Iraq to Al Qaeda

January 8, 2014

It was always known that Al Qaeda would attempt to fill the void in Iraq if we pulled out, but Obama wanted all U.S. troops, equipment, and bases removed in order to appease his far-left voting base and his own ideology. Iraq is now in serious trouble as Al Qaeda is doing exactly as predicted.

The removal of our ideally situated military bases of operation in the Middle East was overkill in Obama’s withdrawal and it is already proving to be a huge mistake. Secretary of State John Kerry just pledged to help Iraq in its fight against Al Qaeda but was adamant that it wouldn’t include troops. When Iraq asked for help in November, the administration sent a miserly 75 Hellfire missiles and promised (If you like these missiles, you can keep them?) to dispatch drones. So what will Kerry offer now?

Kerry gave no details about the “help” he promised because he has no idea. It was just a sound bite. Offering Air support would be helpful since Iraq has no air force, but with no base of operations, it would be difficult and very costly. Lack of a base in the region will also come back to haunt us if the Middle East explodes, a distinct possibility when Israel finds itself having to stop Iran from going nuclear.

Over 4,400 U.S. troops died in the Iraq War freeing Iraqis from Saddam Hussein. Our complete withdrawal abandoned Iraq to fend for itself when it was not capable of doing so. It would be an understatement to say that our troops are not pleased with this result.

Obama didn’t think about the consequences of abandoning Iraq just as he didn’t think about the consequences of Obamacare. He only thought about winning politically. He gave Iraq to Al Qaeda by following his “superior intelligence” rather than following advice from experts. In the same manner, he is giving away the American Dream with his “transformation of America”.

Please vote in November to begin stopping the damage.

David J. Hentosh

Operation Hillary

January 6, 2014

The campaign to elect Hillary president in 2016 has begun. Just like a military operation, it was kicked off by a general, Wesley Clark, with an offer of free bumper stickers. Coinciding with this offer, the central command for Operation Hillary, the NY Times, began printing propaganda in an effort to clear the mud surrounding Hillary.

Much like the Russian newspaper Pravda in the days of the cold war, the NY Times ignored reality and printed its official Operation Hillary view of the Benghazi fiasco, citing an internal “investigation”: “The attack was led…by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam”.

It is incredible that the totally debunked idea of a spontaneous, video-inspired uprising is being resurrected by the NY Times. Not only have “some members of Congress” found the video blame to be false, Libyan President Mohammed Magarief and the Obama administration have both acknowledged that it was a planned terrorist attack backed by al Qaida at Benghazi. It was just reported this past week that the U.S. government is searching for an al Qaeda terrorist wanted for his role in the attack.

Nevertheless, the NY Times finds itself in the awkward position of having to explain away Hillary’s State Department attempt to blame the attack on the video. Since that attempt is well-documented, the only thing the NY Times can do is pretend it was true. It will now stick by its story and repeat it until it sticks in its readers’ heads.

The Ready for Hillary super PAC rented an email list from Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign in order to contact past supporters and get them on board. Though Hillary has not yet declared herself to be a candidate, her campaign has certainly started with her approval but first, her sullied past needs to be cleaned. The NY Times is on the job.

Here comes the next “let’s make history” presidential campaign.

David J. Hentosh

Rocky Mountain High

January 5, 2014

The Hippy dream of legalized pot has come true. Many who advocated for it are adults and began smoking marijuana as adults, or near adults, because it wasn’t as prevalent in their early childhood years as it is now. Some of them who have been habitually using marijuana for years are easy to spot because of their lackadaisical and befuddled demeanor. We call them “stoners”.

The AMA, considering years of accumulated data, considers marijuana as a dangerous drug and a public health concern. Some dismiss that as “alarmist” rhetoric, the same ones who fully embrace wild, apocalyptic predictions of man-made global warming. Some pretend not to hear the AMA because their dream coming true just HAS to be good.

In Denver, there has already been a harbinger of what is to come. A two-year-old ate a marijuana-laced cookie she found on the ground and ended up in the hospital, sick from the ingestion of marijuana. Pot advocates will say that’s not a big deal because she can’t die from it and, besides, it is not addictive. Though it is true overdosing on marijuana is not a concern, it has been proven to be addictive for some, especially children. It’s always the children who suffer.

It has been found that heavy cannabis use in adolescence causes persistent impairments in neuro-cognitive performance and IQ and it increases rates of anxiety, mood, and psychotic thought disorders. It may not kill them, but it can certainly affect their future – all to satisfy a dream.

This is the “Me” generation demanding the right to do as it pleases, regardless of consequences – and there will be consequences. Instant personal gratification has trumped common good and common sense. Legalizing getting high on pot (smoking it, no less) is considered to be advancing personal freedom (and don’t forget the tax revenue) – But at what cost?

Whatever the cost, it will just be passed onto our children along with an astronomical debt, a dysfunctional health insurance system, a disintegrated family unit, and a dependence on cradle-to-grave government assistance.

Light ‘em up and forget about it. Let someone else worry about it.

David J. Hentosh


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