Ana Puig Lead Speaker at Tea Party Convention

Ana Puig, board member of the Thomas Jefferson Club, is a lead speaker at the Tea Party Convention being held this weekend in Nashville, TN.  The Doylestown Intelligencer/Bucks County Courier Times has an article about Puig. (Ana is also on the board of The Kitchen Table Patriots)

Ana Puig will be on the same stage as Sarah Palin at the First National Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

While Sarah Palin might be the primary person conservatives are invading Nashville to see, a Doylestown woman will be sharing the same stage at the First National Tea Party Convention.

Ana Puig, who in the last several months has become one of Bucks County’s rising voices against a government takeover of health care, is Saturday’s lead speaker, prior to Palin’s keynote address.

“I get so nervous every time I take that stage,” she said this week before flying to Tennessee. “It’s petrifying.”

She must live in fear. Puig has become a frequent invited guest at political events, including Tea Party gatherings and health care forums.

It began April 18 at the Kitchen Table Patriots Tea Party at Washington Crossing, an event she thought was “a one-time deal.”

Instead, it has evolved. She is now on the executive board of the Thomas Jefferson Club and co-chairwoman of the Kitchen Table Patriots, a nonprofit, nonpartisan political action committee.

The stay-at-home mother of four young children said the growth of the Tea Party groups she’s worked with has led to a full-time job.

That she’s in high demand – she’s been a guest on CNN, FOX news and NPR radio – is not surprising. Puig’s story is a unique one.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, moved to the United States at age 14, and has lived in England. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Her background, she says, is a natural for the title of Saturday’s speech: “Correlations between the current administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America.”

Read the rest of the article here:  Doylestown Woman Lead Speaker at Tea Party Convention.

And you can follow live coverage from the convention here: (requires registration but it’s free.)


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10 Responses to “Ana Puig Lead Speaker at Tea Party Convention”

  1. Mike D'Amelio Says:

    Ana, Please cover your BOOBS, I am watching you on FOX NEWS with Neil Cavuto right now.
    How are we to take you seriously with your BOOBS sticking out.

  2. Lynn Chesnut Says:

    PA-8 Republican voter, will vote for you for delegate to RNC.
    Who else do you endorse on the PA-8 ballot on Tuesday?

  3. woody Says:

    So another politician is gonna take back our country. What this country is doing is replacing one worthless politician with another. It is the same old shit over and over again.

    Chief, USCG Retired

  4. Natalie Says:

    Obama had to bailout the criminals from the financial sector as, otherwise, the whole world would have gone into a depression worse than the one of 1929. And he has been injectiong money into the system to revive the country from the disastrous situation he inherited from the Republicans. It is just plain ignrance to call it socialism. There is no magic bullet to improve the situation. It takes time. If you don’t like the way we run things here, go back to whereyou came from. No one asked you to come here

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      What is truly ignorant is the “go back to where you came from” comment which I’m betting you would never dream of using for an “illegal” alien. Furthermore, having come from a socialist based country, Ana surely knows more about what is and isn’t socialism than you do, but you’re certainly free to express your ignorance proudly. It gives us all a good reminder of why we are here and an incentive to continue.

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      Natalie –

      Got to jump in here as well. Obama had to bailout “the criminals from the financial sector?” Where was he (in Congress) when President Bush and some Republicans tried to rein in the uncontrolled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and add financial regulations? That didn’t happen because of the Democratically controlled Congress.

      Sorry to tell you this, but we may well be headed to a period as bad or worse than 1929, and that’s because of the bad policies of our current president and Congress and their anti-government, big-spending habits.

      You also must recall that Congress, during the last couple years of the Bush administration, was controlled by Democrats, and they were making many of the decisions that “drove us into the ditch.”

      I would invite you, Natalie, to live in a socialist country to experience it, and then you might appreciate the freedom we once had in the U.S., but that is rapidly being taken away by this runaway administration and congress.


  5. Gary Brumback Says:

    Greetings to you all,

    A few years after the American Revolution Thomas Jefferson said he hoped “America would crush moneyed corporations” that were challenging our democracy. Were he to return today he would say, “I warned you, there is a monster in your midst.”
    That “monster” is the corpocracy, the marriage made in Hell between too powerful corporations and a huge but obsequious government, obsequious because the corporations are the real power behind the scenes.

    The corpocracy has stolen our democracy. We the people no longer have self rule. But we are too weak to do anything but whimper.
    The opposition to the corpocracy is scattered here and there in bits and pieces working independently of one another. Know what would have happened if George Washington’s troops acted that way. We’d still be kissing the Crown’s you know what!

    With all due respect, the Tea Party will remain like gnats swirling around the monster’s ears, a nusiance and nothing more, UNLESS.

    Unless the Tea Party wises up and helps organize the bits and pieces into a grand U.S. Chamber of Democracy and helps mobilize and lead all potential foes of the corpocracy into one grand coalition. Let’s call this broadband peoples’ coalition the Peoples’ Reignbow Coalition. Notice the spelling. We the people need to reign, not the monster!

    Add the USCD and the Reignbow Coalition together and what do you get?


    It’s a long hard road from:

    but it’s

    Isn’t true democracy worth it? People like George Washington, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson certainly thought so!

    The above commentary is drawn from my new book pending publication while I collect more book endorsements. The book’s title is:

    Monster in our Midst, The Corpocracy: Fighting Back with Democracy Pow!er.

    If you would like to know more at no cost, please e-mail me. And please let me know if there are companion organizations of yours with names and e-mail addresses you think should get this message.

    Respetfully submitted,

    Gary B. Brumback
    Democracy Pow!er: Let’s Knock Out the Monster!

  6. Linda Says:

    Ana: THANK YOU for being a leader for us….please let me know what I can do —


  7. Celeste Oliver Says:

    Go Ana! I’m so proud to know you. I’ll be watching later tonight.

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:


      Sadly Ana was sick and unable to talk this morning. I’ll be watching this evening too, but think she wasn’t able to participate.

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