Info on Mike Fitzpatrick, GOP Candidate for PA 8th Congressional Seat — Updated 2/22/10


Twitter: @Fitzpatrick2010

Friends of Mike Website:

Announcement: Fitzpatrick Makes it Official: Who’s Running

Here’s a link to BucksRight blog, which has some information on his voting history: Flashback:  Fitzpatrick Makes the List of Most Liberal Republicans.

And then there’s this from 2006: Mike Fitzpatrick’s Political Origins

Edited to Add: On the Issues: Mike Fitzpatrick

And then there’s this:  2005: Fitzpatrick Listed in Top 25 “Most Liberal” Republicans in House

1/23/2010 Mike Fitzpatrick and the Party of “Creeps” and Now a Followup

1/26/2010 The New Mike

Added 1/26/10  Fitzpatrick Calls for Open GOP Primary

Added 1/30/10  Washington Post U.S. Votes Database

Added 2/1/10 from  Fitzpatrick says he wants open primary

Added 2/1/10 from Philadelphia Bulletin Murphy Should Listen to Voters

2/7/2010 Weather Vane Politics

Added 2/8/10  from NRCC Adds Slew of Names to “Young Guns” Candidate Recruitment Program (including Mike Fitzpatrick)

Added 2/12/10  from The Doylestown Intelligencer Career Mike

Added 2/15/10  Mike Fitpatrick on Running Against Patrick Murphy

Added  2/21/10 Dirty Fighting

Added 2/22/10 Fitzpatrick has Company in NRCC Young Guns Program in 8th District

2/24/10 Kane: 8th District Race will be a Classic

3/2/2010 A Vote for Fitzpatrick is a Vote for Defeat

3/5/2010 GOP Backdoor Endorsement?

3/10/2010 Mike “Tea Party” Fitzpatrick

3/11/10 Mike Fitzpatrick Confronted on Voting Record

3/22/10 Fitzpatrick on Healthcare

3/31/10 What I Saw at the Tea Party

4/1/10 Dean Malik to head Fitzpatrick’s Veterans’ Campaign in 8th District race

4/13/10 Fitzpatrick Wants Smaller Government, Controlled Spending

4/27/2010 Small Company, Big Worries

4/28/2010 GOP Candidates Push their Plans

5/12/2010 FitzFlop Time Again–Immigration and Union Support (being included because it gives specifics on the Carlineo Campaigns accusations)

5/14/10 Dog Pile on Mike Fitzpatrick

6/26/10 Speaking to Republican Committee

7/18/2010 Fitzpatrick Backs Doable Plan to Stabilize Shaky Economy

Video from March – Fitzpatrick on Immigration

8/14/2010 Mike Fitzpatrick at 8/14/2010 Northampton Picnic

9/26/10 Fitzpatrick Supports GOP’s Pledge  Doylestown Intelligencer via

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