Add Patrick Murphy to the List of “Victims”

Congressman Patrick Murphy (D, PA, 8th) is jumping on the “poor, poor, pitiful me” bandwagon, claiming to be a victim of threats of violence because of his health care vote last Sunday.  As with many other Democratic claims, no proof was provided.  (Bucks County Congressman Reports Threats Over Vote.)

FBI Investigating Death Threats Against PA Congressman Pat Murphy also offers no proof.  (Surely Murphy isn’t wasting the FBI’s time.  Based on some of the iffy claims made by other congressmen recently, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.)

And this, from Ruby Slippers Blog: More Vaporous Threats on the Left–Patrick Murphy Earning Murtha’s Seat

And from Bucks Right: Patrick Murphy’s Office Claims Death Threats.

Best quote in the stories comes from Democrat Bob Brady:

“I’m a little worried about people going home now – there are going to be a lot of town-hall meetings,” said Rep. Bob Brady (D., Pa.), the Philadelphian who is chairman of the House committee that oversees the Capitol Police. “But you can’t shy away, and I don’t think anybody will.”

No worries there.  Bob should check with  those “brave” congressman before he embarrasses himself–and them–by suggesting they won’t hesitate to hold a town hall meetings.

Murphy hasn’t had a town hall meeting for the better part of a year.  I guess he’s “shy.”

We’ll be waiting for Murphy’s big announcement when the perpetrators are found.  If–that is–the threats actually happened.

See more on this subject at Dems Sympathy Ploy

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