Man Who Threatened a Congressman Has Been Caught

Recently we’ve written that there seems to be a concerted effort to make the Tea Party protesters out to be crazed vigilantes threatening the lives of Congressmen and their families.  Dems Sympathy Ploy.

Our argument is that there’s no proof that anyone affiliated with the Tea Parties did the things that have been charged (including yelling racial epitaphs, tossing bricks through windows, leaving nasty, threatening messages on voice mails, and spitting on congressmen.)  In some cases, there isn’t even proof the threats, etc, occurred, even though there is videotape of the time period that the events supposedly took place.

We’ve been asking why the media is quick to blame the Tea Partiers.  It certainly seems within the realm of possibility that the threats were fabricated,  or liberals planted their own people within the protests to do nasty things (again, there is no videotape that these things actually occurred–just accusations).  And there’s always the errant nut case who gets caught up in things.

There were no threats reported until the health care bill passed last week, and now the stories are all over the media–and most of them are pointing fingers at the Tea Party movement.  But, again we ask–where’s the proof?

At last, there’s been an arrest of a man from Philadelphia.  He’s been charged with threatening a Congressman.    He told investigators he was the “son of the god of Enoch.”  Uh-huh.

But here’s the interesting part.  The man  was charged with threatening Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia and his family–and Eric Cantor is a Republican!

We’re still waiting on charges to be brought against all those crazy Tea Partiers for the accusations made by Democratic congressmen–including our own Patrick Murphy, who quickly jumped on the bandwagon to claim threats have been made against him as well.

Phila Man Charged with Threatening GOP Congressman.

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