Murphy Only Philly-area Congressman to be Targeted with “Threats” due to Health Care Vote

According to an article in the Doylestown Intelligencer, (Murphy Threats are Being Investigated) Congressman Patrick Murphy (D, PA, 8th) is the only Philadelphia-area congressman to receive threats following the health care bill.

Congressman Bob Brady, a Philadelphia Democrat, has been busy lately in his role as chairman of the Committee on House Administration. The Capitol Police, who investigate threats against members of Congress, report information to him.

Brady denounced the intimidation, telling WHYY, “They want to come against us, vote against us or run somebody against us and support the opponent. As far as threatening someone doing their job and what they believe, we have the same right to have a philosophical view as they do.”

He said Murphy has been the only House member threatened in the Philadelphia area delegation.

How ironic is this?  A few days ago we questioned whether Murphy had really been threatened, or whether he was simply jumping on the bandwagon with other Dems in an attempt to garner sympathy. (Dems Sympathy Ploy and Add Patrick Murphy to the List of “Victims” ) Now it turns out Murphy is the only congressman in the Philadelphia area to receive “threats.”

Living in Bucks County and being part of the tea party movement, it’s hard to imagine that the local Tea Partiers (who the Dems are accusing) have done any threatening, (unless Murphy is including being threatened with losing his job in the election in November.)  So it seems odd the Bucks Congressman is the only one in the area to be “threatened”.

So there’s no misunderstanding, we don’t think anyone should threaten anyone else.  We think the accusations should be investigated.  But it also should be pointed out to those investigating that the congressman has been known to stretch the truth to suit his needs.  He seems more concerned with his own reelection than with the truth–or his constituents.  So excuse us if we’re a little skeptical about Murphy’s claims.

Ironically, the only person arrested so far is a Philadelphia man who seems to have mental issues.  He threatened–wait for it–Eric Cantor–Republican Congressman from Virginia.  (Man Who Threatened Congressman Has Been Caught )

Gee, and when we have a congressman eager to be threatened right in this guy’s own back yard.

And even more interesting, “A spokesman for Bristol police said no one from Murphy’s office has filed a formal complaint about the threats.”  Yet according to the Intel article, “Scott Fairchild, chief of staff to the 8th District Democrat, said, “The threatening calls are being looked into.”

So which is it?  Are the threats being looked into, as Murphy’s spokesman says they are?  Or were there no threats reported, as the Bristol police report?  Perhaps the FBI is looking into the threats, but you’d think Murphy’s office would start with the local police.

One last thought:  surely Murphy’s office isn’t wasting the FBI’s time unless they received truly serious threats–right?


2 Responses to “Murphy Only Philly-area Congressman to be Targeted with “Threats” due to Health Care Vote”

  1. pat Says:

    Congratulations on clarifying the “news.” Everyone knows, or should know, one cannot file a “false” report.

  2. pat Says:

    No report? Filing a false report can get you in a heap of trouble. Hmmm.

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