An Election Message from TJC President Jeff McGeary

Dear Patriot, 

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

– General George S. Patton

My challenge to you:

1.  The polls will open in less than 24 hours; I need you to give one hour TODAY

to make phone calls.  Either call your conservative friends and acquaintances or

come in and make phone calls at one of our call centers.

2.  Tuesday I need you to VOTE and pick ten friends, call them and confirm they

have voted.

If each of you on this email list do these two things it will be a critical component

of our Get Out The Vote effort to begin to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

Our time is now.  This election is critical.  Can I count on you to

fulfill this challenge?

The call centers are located at Liberty HQ, 15 Clements Road in Doylestown and

the Americans for Prosperity HQ, 13023 Bustleton Avenue in Philadelphia.

Here in the 8th Congressional District, we have seen paid workers from outside the

area literally bussed in to save Patrick Murphy.  He is on the ropes and will stop at

nothing to cling to power.  If you can help MIKE FITZPATRICK in the final

24 hours of the campaign please call 215-970-7343.

In PA’s 31st Legislative District, ROB CIERVO is fighting hard with a campaign

focused on job creation and holding the line on spending in Harrisburg; he needs

your help to win on Tuesday.  Please call 267-716-1400 to assist in the final 24 hours.

On Election Day, if you (or your friends or neighbors) experience or witness any

polling issues, difficulties or intimidation (eg., your local Black Panther Party voter

assistance officer;) please call 1-888-775-8117.  This line will be staffed by attorneys

to handle any legal situation or polling issues that may arise.

After the polls close, please join the LIBERTY VICTORY CELEBRATION at the Moose

in Doylestown (127 East State Street).

We have come so far; thank you for all your efforts!  I am proud to stand

with each of you.

On to Victory,

Jeff McGeary

President, Thomas Jefferson Club


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