Disinheriting the Meek in Florida

This column in Investor’s Business Daily shows which party is really filled with racists. (Hint, it isn’t the Republicans and it isn’t the “Tea Party.)

An effort to force a black Democrat out of Florida’s U.S. Senate race in favor of a white former Republican shows the Democrats’ desperation to keep Senate control. It also speaks to their hypocrisy on race.

As poll after poll suggests a tide of voter anger of almost biblical proportions will sweep Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of uberliberals out of control of the House of Representatives, eyes turn to the Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid finds himself in peril and the majority he leads hangs in the balance.

Leading the Tea Party-inspired populist revolt is Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who has risen from relative obscurity to drive Obama-hugging Gov. Charlie Crist out of the Republican Party of which he was a nominal member. Crist decided to run as an independent, making it a three-way race likely to lead to a GOP win.

The Democratic Senate candidate is African-American Rep. Kendrick Meek, who was thought not to have much of a chance in a Republican year. As Politico first reported, former President Clinton, while campaigning last week in Florida, tried to talk Meek into quitting. The congressman denied he agreed to drop out and endorse Crist, but didn’t deny the offer itself.

Read the rest here:   Disinheriting the Meek in Florida



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