Angry Desperation at the Daily Kos

Over at the Daily Kos, a depository of insane leftist rage, the race card is being played in a last ditch effort to convince all that the coming GOP landslide is due only to race. So sure of their righteousness, the Kosites cannot conceive of any other reason for rejecting Obama other than hatred of a black man.

The Daily Kos tells us emphatically that “…this ‘Republican wave’…is about the black man in the White House…” We are also informed that “…it’s not just the average ignorant teabagger…John “that one” McCain…Bone-Head… and the rest of the gang just can’t stand the sight of a black man calling the shots in this country.”

This “civil” discourse on race and the election is standard slop in the sty of the Daily Kos, where reality is dictated by delusional ideology and rage against everything else is standard. Michael Moore’s “brilliant lines and insights” on republicans are quoted as a “masterpiece”: “Two years of a black man who secretly holds socialist beliefs being the boss of them is more than they can stomach”.

It is the Daily Kos that is hard to stomach and when it spews angry screeds against deranged conservatives and Sarah Palin’s stupid “extremist” views, one has to wonder why they also have a fondness for laws against hate speech. It seems suicidal for such a hate-filled mob to want such laws. Then, again, that is rational thinking and it is not welcome at the Daily Kos.

The Kosites are obsessed with racism because it has been their successful trump card for so long. It has been a way to relieve themselves of the trouble of producing facts or logical argument in opposition to anything they do not like. Fear of being labeled a racist allowed them to wallow in their self-righteousness with no challenge. Racism has been their security blanket and they have used it to cover everything.

This no longer works. It is quite evident to all (all who are rational, that is) that Obama’s policies, actions, and attitudes have turned “Whitey” against him. This is the same “Whitey” who bought his “hope and change” spiel and historically voted him into office. I guess that, too, was a purely racist act – just ask the Daily Kos.

David J. Hentosh


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