On Voter Fraud

From Tea Party Nation:

Tomorrow is the day.  It is the day we have looked forward to from the days of the first Tea Parties in February 2009.  It is Election Day.  Tomorrow, the American people are going to repudiate socialism in no uncertain terms.

As you know, we have been warning for weeks about voter fraud.  Tomorrow is the last day for the liberals to try and steal the election.

Be on the look out for voter fraud.

Someone sent in an email and asked, “What is voter fraud?”

There are hundreds of things that could be voter fraud.  Campaigning within the election place, party people “helping” people vote. Election officials telling people how to vote.  Rigged voting machines and the ever popular, non-citizens voting.  Keep your eyes open.   If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.

If you see something you think is voter fraud, let people know.

The GOP has an election fraud hotline.  That number is 1-888-775-8117.

Fox news has an email address where you can report vote fraud.  It is voterfraud@foxnews.com.

Our friends over at World Net Daily have a similar email set up.  It is voterfraudhotline@wnd.com.

Of course, we have our hotline here at Tea Party Nation.  That is voterfraud@teapartynation.com.

If you see something, use your cellphone camera to video it or photograph it.  Do so, if you can without getting arrested or beaten up!  Get the word out as quickly as you can.  The sooner we get the word out, the sooner we can take action against those who would try to steal the election.

Keep your eyes open tomorrow and tomorrow night; we can celebrate the vanquishing of the liberal majority in congress!



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