Pennsylvania Turning Purple

The political leaves of Pennsylvania are turning color this Fall just like the leaves on the trees. No longer can PA be broad-brushed as a blue state on political maps. There are too many red-colored winning candidates to consider PA a predictable blue state. There surely are still many blue spots, but red is clearly shining through in areas, turning PA purple.

Six blue seats turned red overnight, cutting in half the Democrat strength in the state’s delegation. Although still in the minority, Republicans made a giant leap in overcoming the Democrat stronghold in the state. It will now make it that much harder for the slim majority to steamroll legislation.

Hats off to Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey for victories that will surely anger many Democrats, making them see red. One can hope that the 2012 elections will turn the purple totally red and give this state a chance to get back to the values that progressives seem determined to trash. The political culture war is not over, but an important battle has been won.

David J. Hentosh


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