Warning to GOP: This is Not a Mandate

Democrats made a fatal mistake in 2008. They considered Obama’s win as a mandate from the American people to institute a far-left agenda, forgetting that the country has historically had a center-right majority. Obama’s election was more a rejection of the Republican Bush administration than approval of the Democrat ideology.

This November’s election was a rejection of the Obama administration’s far-left agenda rather than approval of the GOP platform. It was spurred by anger over the arrogance of an administration ignoring the will of the people and pushing ideological legislation through a rubber-stamping Congress – and runaway spending.

If the GOP begins to consider that this election gives them a mandate for right-wing policies or for blocking any or all administration initiatives, they will be the losers in 2012. The American people are now getting the hang of voting out arrogant politicians and, finding a voice through the Tea Party Movement, are making demands known. The GOP needs to listen if it wishes to be successful. The Democrats did not listen.

Regardless of this election’s results, the mainstream media is not going to magically begin leaning right. It can be expected, however, that the media will rediscover the investigative journalism they abandoned while shilling for Obama and apply it to the GOP winners. This means that there can be no “politics as usual”. The new House majority will be under an angry media’s microscope and flaws will be magnified.

This could be beneficial. The Tea Party Movement’s demand that all politicians be held to a high standard needs a watchdog media to help their cause. Winning Tea Party candidates, especially, will need to follow those high standards. This could make for better politicians and better governing. It will at least make our representatives more aware of constituents’ wishes.

Perhaps this is the “hope and change” we really need. Arrogance has historically been a catalyst for failure and the GOP needs to recognize its own history of arrogance. It must not let this victory instill a false sense of a mandate. If they do, the pendulum will quickly swing again.

David J. Hentosh

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