No Mr. President, We Don’t Know

President Obama, in his speech and answers to questions after the mid-term election, said “you know” eighty-four times. Such a poor manner of speaking certainly does not jive with the “great communicator” label he has been granted. Answering questions can not be assisted by a teleprompter, but one would think the “great communicator” could do better than that.

It could have been worse. He could have chewed gum the entire time, fully complimenting his valley girl speech pattern, but it was bad enough. Could it be that other attributes bestowed upon him by an adoring media are also nothing more than hype? For example, does he really have the superior intelligence that has been “assumed” for so long?

Obama’s failure to “get it” was evident in his speech and it may shed some light on the question regarding his superior intelligence. Journalist Savannah Guthrie pointedly asked him up front: “Is it possible voters can conclude you’re still not getting it?” He failed to answer that question and everything he said afterwards indicated a refusal on his part to believe it was even possible. It was either a display of mediocre intelligence or just plain arrogance – or both.

While recognizing that admitting failure is not necessarily a good political tactic, Obama could have taken the opportunity to convince the American people that he truly heard them and was willing to reconsider the direction he would now take. He did not do that. There was little indication that he understood what the people really wanted.

So, it seems that we still “don’t know” what Obama really understands even though he continually told us we knew. When pressed further about voter rejection of his policies, he said “voters are not satisfied with the outcomes” of those policies. That tells us nothing – or maybe it tells us a lot. You decide.

David J. Hentosh


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