Pelosi – Denial and Conquer

In an op-ed in USA Today, Nancy Pelosi spins the party line that she expects will negate the disastrous mid-term election results the Democrats have suffered. Refusing to admit that there was any message in those results regarding the agenda she, along with Obama, has been pushing, she is advocating a tactic of denial and conquer to win the hearts and minds of the American majority.

To Pelosi, the mid-term elections were all about jobs. Nothing else seems to have been at issue. She “humbly” admits that Democrats are disappointed with the rate of job growth, but goes on to tell us “it does not diminish what we have accomplished”. The idea that some of those “accomplishments” even had many Democrats distancing themselves from the fallout never registers with Nancy.

She touts the “experts” calling the 111th Congress the most productive in half a century, “putting the American people before politics”. This is a denial of the forced partisan passage of bills that blatantly disregarded the majority of American’s wishes. It also displays her misguided idea that the mere passage of a bill, any bill, is “productive” and a sign of success. In reality, the passage of a few of those bills was the catalyst for the disastrous election results.

Throughout the op-ed, Pelosi stresses the need for Democrats to “create” jobs, the focus of her denial and conquer strategy. The problem with this is that it is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs. It never was. Jobs are created by businesses, and government should only be concerned with helping to create an atmosphere that is favorable to business growth. It may be that Pelosi considers growing the bureaucracy of government to be job creation, but that is one of those issues that hurt Democrats in the elections.

Pelosi seems intent on denying any message of agenda rejection in the elections. This is already the direction many Democrats have taken and Pelosi is trying to maintain her leadership. It seems that the lemmings are headed to the sea with Pelosi in the lead once again.

David J. Hentosh

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One Response to “Pelosi – Denial and Conquer”

  1. Grego Says:

    At this point I think the best thing for our country and Tea Party-minded conservatives is for Pelosi-Reid-Obama to maintain their current strategy. These three are the face of the progressive movement and they are the ones that ignited the fire storm that swept through on Nov 2nd. If they continue on their intended course (which they plan to do) this will result in a repeat in 2012. Conservatives MUST make a clear and decisive stand without compromise in the next legislature. The American people want principled leadership that gives them a true voice.

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