Skilled Labor Falls by the Wayside

From the Washington Times by John Ratzenberger:

The “jobs crisis” is nothing new. In fact, the current political debate misses the bigger picture. It won’t be elected officials and bankers alone who save the day. What our leaders have been doing – and not doing – has consequences for American jobs and the future of American enterprise. We’ve each got a stake in the game, and we each have a role to play in fixing it.

I’ve met with hundreds of American community leaders and entrepreneurs who have joined our campaign to tackle the bigger jobs issue. We don’t have enough jobs right now and, conversely, we don’t have enough skilled workers to fill key jobs. Major obstacles blocking solutions to our national jobs crisis – abusive litigation, complex regulations and cultural biases – have been addressed on an ad hoc basis, like over-the-counter cold remedies.

These are challenges that must be tackled together, with an eye toward “actions have consequences,” or they will kill us separately. We need a plan that will cure the patient, not just treat our symptoms. That’s why I’ve kicked off a national campaign.

America has moved away from its common-sense, risk-reward ethos formed over many generations into a consequence-free mentality, in which bad decisions don’t really change behavior. Tragically, one word best describes a broad section of the “new America” – bailout.

Read the rest here: Skilled Labor Falls by the Wayside



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