The Future is Liberatarian

An interesting post from Trestin Meacham:

A few days ago, I noticed a headline that stated that world governments would barrow ten trillion dollars this year. Add to that the already existing debt most of these countries already poses and you have some frightening debt totals. Many third world countries are hopelessly in debt and must barrow to survive. However, the western world has accumulated even higher amounts of debt.

Pick a Western nation, any Western nation, and you will find unsustainable debt totals. The combination of outright socialism and Keynesian economics has left us with an uncertain future. We cannot continue to spend as we have in the past. Governments will have to eliminate or drastically reform social programs. We are seeing the beginning of these cuts in Europe and the turmoil it is creating there. Honestly, I think it is despicable how many Europeans are reacting. The governments have to cut the pensions, they have no choice. If they allow the current rate of spending and debt to continue, they will have a complete economic collapse.

The Untied States is in a particularly bad situation due to the two largest holders of our debt being the Fed and China. These are not the kind of people you want to owe trillions. Combine this with our lack of energy independence and you have a recipe for disaster. The solution that many in power have presented is to increase spending. Timeout… You can be a raging liberal and understand why this is a bad idea.

To try to make it work they are purposefully devaluing the dollar, and yes, they are doing this on purpose. The easiest way to handle a 13 trillion dollar debt is to make 13 trillion worth less. This strategic inflation is the most grievous of taxes, for it makes all of our saving worth less. The thousand dollars you saved ten years ago cannot buy near as much as when you set it aside.

Read the rest here: The Future is Libertarian


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One Response to “The Future is Liberatarian”

  1. Eme McFresh Says:

    that’d be nice. personal responsibility and liberty. both good together

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