ObamaCare Waivers Prove It’s Flawed

From the New American

It is not a vote of confidence for ObamaCare when it becomes necessary almost immediately after passing the health care bill to grant waivers in order to prevent negative repercussions. In fact, it is an indictment of the bill and more proof that opposition to ObamaCare was not just partisan politics. Pelosi urged to pass the bill, and then we’d find out what’s in it. These waivers show that she, and others, should have found out what was in it beforehand.

…proof that ObamaCare may not be all that it was touted to be can be found in the fact that 111 companies, including a number of unions, have been given waivers to be exempted from certain provisions of the law…the list of companies receiving waivers jumped from 33 to 111 names in less than one month…Gateway Pundits carefully examined the list of 111 names and noted an abundance of unions…

Read more here: ObamaCare Waivers




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