Unfinished Business for the Tea Party: Resurrect Our Values

This editorial appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times. It is written by TJC member Larry S. Breeden:

The progressive march to Democratic socialism has been given pause. The tea party activists made some stunning wins in this past election; however, make no mistake about it, the progressives are regrouping. It remains to be seen if the lame-duck Congress that has been handed its walking papers will go quietly or if it will continue to impose its will upon an unwilling citizenry.

The tea party activists have not finished their task. Not only do they need to root out the remaining RINOs in the U.S. Congress but also in Harrisburg. They are working within the Republican Party in an effort to return to the goals and objectives of Ronald Reagan. His goals and objectives were to promote America first: The military, the economy and the values that were the framework that formed this great nation. Members of the freshman class of the next Congress have their work cut out for them; some will not become repeats and hopefully most will limit themselves to three terms for the House and two terms for the Senate.

It is sickening to see career politicians of average means upon entering Congress retire as multimillionaires. I have no problem with people moving up the economic scale. I do have a problem with that happening when they are on the taxpayer’s clock and supposedly doing our work. They become the entrenched ruling elite. That needs to change. Not only should term limits be enacted but restrictions on pensions and benefits should be put in place. Congress should pass no law that applies to the citizens but exempts them.

Read the rest here: Resurrect Our Values



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