Lobbying for Illegal Aliens

From Heather MacDonald at NRO

While comprehensive immigration reform is stubbornly treated as a synonym for amnesty by progressives, lobbies are hard at work undermining our current immigration laws and stifling attempts to deport any illegal alien, even a criminal one. Attempts at deportation are even surreally considered to be undermining public safety.

The ongoing campaign by the illegal-alien lobby to block the deportation even of illegal-alien criminals is…also a reminder of the strength of its commitment to the evisceration of the immigration rule of law… the background campaign against deporting criminal aliens reminds us that such intermediate measures as the DREAM Act belong to a larger agenda of destroying all existing penalties for illegal entry and presence.

Earlier this week, the New York Times editorialized that any House Republican effort to increase immigration enforcement over the next two years will do “profound damage to the rule of law.” Such Orwellian manipulation of words is of a piece with the Campaign to Protect Our Illegal Alien Criminals. Both show that the illegal-alien lobby aims for an immigration policy determined exclusively by people living outside America’s borders.

Read the entire article here:  Campaign to protect Illegal alien criminals



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