Update S 510: Montana Senator Jon Tester Strikes a Deal

You might have thought that after the election, congress and the administration would get a clue about the mood of the country.

Apparently not.

From The Current:

This is an update from Open Congress on where we’re at with S. 510 the Food Safety Modernization Act.  Yesterday Democratic Senator Jon Tester from Montana struck a deal with Senate leadership to have his amendment protecting small and local food companies rolled into the bill via the manager’s amendment.

When we have Senators being forced to strike deals to protect certain sectors of the free market this should tell you how destructive this bill truly is.  This deal might be the one that pushes it over the top and once again expands government authority over a sector of our economy that they feel needs more regulation and oversight.

Read the rest here:  http://thecurrent9171787.blogspot.com/2010/11/update-s-510-montana-senator-jon-tester.html



One Response to “Update S 510: Montana Senator Jon Tester Strikes a Deal”

  1. Karen Bracken Says:

    This lame duck session is going to be the destruction of our country. The final straw and aside from making phone calls we can’t stop the inevitable. I truly feel we are doomed. The 111th Congress truly does not get it. What more can we say or do to convince them. Even if we won the Senate we could not have stopped what is about to happen to us. Cap & Trade, SB 510, COICA, Card Check, The Dream Act. It is my feeling all of this will get passed as the final “screw you” to the American people from this Congress. If the 112th gives one inch after they are sworn into office we need to be on them like a tick on a hound dog.

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