Green Jobs vs. Reality

President Obama relied heavily on “green” jobs to help the unemployment problem in the country and, in doing so, backed the wrong horse. As with many of Obama’s policies, ideology was the basis for his green job solution to unemployment. The only way the government can force a demand for products in a free market is by excessive regulation and control which, of course, means it is no longer a free market. The green job bubble has burst and the stimulus money invested in it has helped produce very few jobs.

From the Washington Post

With nearly 15 million Americans out of work and the unemployment rate hovering above 9 percent for 18 consecutive months, policymakers desperate to stoke job creation have bet heavily on green energy. The Obama administration channeled more than $90 billion from the $814 billion economic stimulus bill into clean energy technology, confident that the investment would grow into the economy’s next big thing…But the huge federal investment has run headlong into the stubborn reality that the market for renewable energy products – and workers – remains in its infancy…The industry’s growth has been undercut by the simple economic fact that fossil fuels remain cheaper than renewables.

Without government mandates…green energy cannot begin to reach its job creation potential. Samuel Sherraden, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation…said it was unwise for the administration to invest so heavily in green energy…administration officials acknowledge that it is likely to be years before the spending on green energy produces large numbers of jobs.

Read all about it here:  Retrained for green jobs



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