Nation’s Report Card Shows Reading Level of High School Seniors are Worse than 20 Years Ago

I can’t say this is a surprise. Frankly, I’m surprised that the numbers are as high as they are.

From Parentdish:

If there was such a thing as collective parenting for the entire nation, high school seniors across the country would be spending their Thanksgiving breaks holed up in their rooms, grounded and sentenced to literature.

“Don’t even think about the car keys, until you’ve finished ‘The Catcher in the Rye,’ ” would be the collective mantra of Mom and Dad of America.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, referred to as the Nation’s Report Card, tested 52,000 students in reading and 49,000 in math across 1,670 school districts in 2009, according to a release from the National Center for Education Statistics. And though 12th graders have made some improvement in reading, the scores are worse than they were in 1992.

Despite a teen literary devotion to the Harry Potter and Twilight series, only 38 percent of 12th graders are classified as at or above the “proficient” level, the release reports.

Students scored an average of 288 out of 500 points in reading comprehension, two points above the 2005 score, but still below the 1992 average of 292. Thirty-eight percent of 12th grade students were classified as at or above the “proficient” level, while 74 percent were considered at or above “basic,” according to the release.

Read the rest here.



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