Great–Now He Tells Us

Fine. Al Gore has admitted an Inconvenient Truth, about 10 years too late.

Yes, he’s finally decided that U.S. ethanol production from corn hasn’t been very productive at all. And get this–he admits he pushed ethanol production for the votes.

From Politico:

Now he tells us. Al Gore says his support for corn-based ethanol subsidies while serving as vice president was a mistake that had more to do with his desire to cultivate farm votes in the 2000 presidential election than with what was good for the environment.

“It is not a good policy to have these massive subsidies for first-generation ethanol,” Gore said at a green energy conference in Athens, Greece, according to Reuters. First generation refers to the most basic, energy-intensive process of converting corn to ethanol for use as a motor vehicle fuel additive.

Read the rest here: Al Gore Mea Culpa

Oh, by the way, the government subsidized ethanol production with $7.7 billion last year.

It’s very inconvenient that Al Gore waited until now to tell the truth.



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