Appeasement Doesn’t Work

The current situation in Korea is, once again, a startling and frightening reminder that appeasement doesn’t work. North Korea is getting more aggressive and more dangerous as the world sits idly by, continuing to offer aid as a bribe to remain quiet and peaceful. The carrot isn’t working.

In August, five months after North Korea’s flagrant sinking of a South Korean warship, Obama imposed more financial sanctions on North Korea. Although those sanctions may have had an impact on North Korea, they seem to have been another catalyst for North Korean aggression. A regime on a constant war-footing knows no other way of responding.

If sanctions have taught North Korea anything, it is that the world is too tame and fearful to respond in any other manner. Only the US has a military capability that could back North Korea down, but the US has been following an appeasement policy for years. China certainly has the capability and influence, but it is a friend of North Korea, not the US, and finds amusement in North Korean antics. China, too, has been a recipient of fearful appeasement from the world.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad has learned well from North Korea how aggression can keep the world at bay. Iran’s nuclear weapons program continues while many choose to believe otherwise. As diplomacy continues to fail, Iran uses the time to continue efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. Once they are achieved, and they will be, Iran will use North Korean tactics of aggression as a protective shield while it earnestly seeks its fanatical goals.

Because of the appeasement of North Korea for decades, the threat of nuclear war in the region is real. Humanitarian aid to North Korea continues to be diverted to its huge army while its people suffer terribly. Change must come from within, but appeasement does nothing to further an internal regime change.

Appeasement is a sign of success for North Korean leaders and an incentive for other countries to use aggression. It is, and has been, a failure for the rest of the world. It may be too late to undo the damage it has already caused, but it must no longer be considered as a viable policy.

David J. Hentosh



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