Election 2010 and the Unmentionable Sailer Strategy

Interesting take on the mid-term emections from a demographic perspective

From VDare.com:

The 2010 mid-term elections were a dramatic reversal from the 2008 Presidential election year. But current commentary is losing sight of that—because it had looked like the election could have been even bigger, particularly for patriotic immigration reformers. Richard Hoste, among the most brilliant of younger commentators, has even suggested sadly that Sharron Angle’s loss to Senator Harry Reid in Nevada calls into question what VDARE.COM has called the “Sailer Strategy”—the idea that inreach to its white base, not outreach to minorities, is the key to future GOP success. I disagree.

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One Response to “Election 2010 and the Unmentionable Sailer Strategy”

  1. Karen Bracken Says:

    It is my opinion that Harry Reid won because of voter fraud and intimidation. The Union thugs were out in full force. The arm twisting and threats of people being fired if they didn’t vote for Harry were orders of the day. We should have had a lot more Conservative boots on the ground watching for voter fraud and intimidation in Nevada. We totally underestimated how “Dirty Harry” operates.

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