I Was Wrong

I have to admit, any time someone uses “I Was Wrong” as their headline, it catches my attention. (People so rarely admit to their mistakes these days, after all.)

So it was with great interest I read this editorial by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. in The Washington Times. Tyrell is founder and editor-in-chief of the American Spectator, and apparently supported the new, intrusive TSA screening measures. However, he’s changed his mind. Good for him.

Now, if only Janet Napolitano and head of TSA John Pistole would show a glimmer of intelligence and do the same.

From The Washington Times:

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” So said John Maynard Keynes when a dearly held belief of his was confronted by new facts. He changed his mind and was not ashamed. I am an extreme empiricist. Show me the facts, and I shall make up my mind. Show me the new facts, and I shall change my mind.

Last week, goaded by Matt Drudge’s hordes, I took my stand against the opponents of the scan and the pat-down. I thought they were hysterics and very funny or provocateurs and obnoxious. Also, they inspired in me a few facetious sallies. That vulgarian John Tyner, who won himself a place in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations for Slobs by telling the patter-downers, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested,” was too much. Junk? Speak for yourself, Mr. Tyner. I filed my column, dismissing the protesters and confident that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), though essentially made up of bureaucrats, was saving us from another Sept. 11. Then all hell broke out.

Read the rest here: I Was Wrong


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One Response to “I Was Wrong”

  1. John Carey Says:

    It is good to see this. I have had to do it myself.

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