Wake Up from the Dream Act

Comprehensive immigration reform has been promised and, as yet, undelivered. Since it has been turned into a synonym for amnesty by progressives, any hope of even having comprehensive talks on the issue have vanished. The Dream Act is an attempt to chip away at opposition to amnesty until the myopic amnesty goal is reached through small incremental steps.

The fallacy of comprehensive immigration reform is that it cannot reasonably occur until the borders have been sufficiently controlled. Then, and only then, a plan can be developed that will have an appreciable impact on the problems we have been facing. The ensuing reform would undoubtedly be a compromise, but that is the reality of politics and the uncompromising idea of “amnesty or bust” is, indeed, a bust.

Elements found in the Dream Act could certainly be agreed upon and included in a final plan, however, using it as a wedge harms the chance at a working compromise. If the border is not attended to first, bit legislation like the Dream Act will only be an enticement for more illegal immigrants to enter the country seeking to reap new benefits.

Strangely enough, many progressives seeking amnesty for illegals also seek to emulate the socialistic policies found in many European countries where immigration is being dealt with increasingly in a harsh manner. In France, for example, new laws have been passed making it easier to expel foreigners who burden the social security system. Italy has begun enacting tough immigration laws that, in some ways, model the more rational immigration laws of the US.

The world has changed drastically since the turn of the last century and our immigration policies are no longer adequate. Ignoring a porous border for ideological reasons is dangerous and causing an economical burden. The Dream Act caters to politically correct ideology rather than to reason. We need to do this right or we will suffer the consequences for decades.

David J. Hentosh

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