Tea Party Gains Respect

Attempts by the left-leaning media to downplay the Tea Party Movement and convince people that it was irrelevant failed miserably. It was comical to watch some, like Olbermann or Chris Matthews, desperately pretending that the Tea Party was not a political force. Now, the Tea Party has become a model for others. Imitation is a sure sign of flattery and, in this case, respect.

The first stab at imitation was the Coffee Party, a liberal organization set up to counter the growing political influence of the Tea Party. It was an acknowledgement of the Tea Party’s success and, consequently, made a mockery of the media’s attempts at Tea Party belittlement. It has not been nearly as successful because it does not have a core value focus like that of the Tea Party. It seems to be fractured with too many separate agendas to stand as a united voice.

The latest attempt to emulate the Tea Party is the “Tequila Party”, a Latino attempt at a grass-roots organization primarily aimed at immigration issues. The ill-advised use of “Tequila” in its name is not going to help bring respect, but its focus of purpose could help it become an influence. It also will not achieve the sheer numbers that the Tea Party has, so any success it has may be limited.

More proof of growing Tea Party respect came from none other than Howard Dean, an outspoken, hard core liberal. In an interview with Maddow, Dean let it slip when he said: “I think the tea party is serious about real fiscal conservatism”. What may be even more telling in that exchange is that Maddow, a very vocal Tea Party hater, did not challenge his positive assessment.

In a very short time, the Tea Party has come a long way in convincing many that it is a true grass-roots organization rather than the derogatory astro-turf organization it was being labeled. It seems that the wake-up call it delivered has finally been heard. Now, we can hope that its message will also be heard.

David J. Hentosh



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