Are Dems Dimwits?

A recent blog entry on The Hill makes me think the answer is yes.

Democrats will look to target newly elected Republicans who will rely on healthcare plans funded by the government after having campaigned in favor of repealing the new healthcare reform law.

The party will ratchet up pressure on Republicans who ran against healthcare reform, the signature accomplishment of President Obama and congressional Democrats, who are now accepting a government-run healthcare plan as part of their benefit package as a new member of Congress.

“On the heels of a campaign season where Republicans made repealing healthcare a marquee issue — and heading into a legislative session where Republicans have promised to repeal, defund or otherwise dismantle health insurance reform — Democrats are not going to stand by while new members of Congress reap benefits that they are attempting to deny to millions,” said a Democratic National Committee official.

According to the article, the Dems are starting their “outreach” on this subject in Pennsylvania by targeting Pat Toomey, Pat Meeha, Loue Barletta, Tom Marino, and Mike Fitzpatrick.

Are these Dems dimwits? (Perhaps we should call them Demwits??) Do they not get the distinction between taking healthcare being offered by the federal government to members of congress as part of their employment, and the federal government forcing Americans into a very different type of government-run healthcare? It’s not like the American people are being offered the same healthcare that those in Congress receive, after all.

I particularly love the part of the quote that says “Democrats are not going to stand by while new members of Congress reap benefits that they are attempting to deny to millions.” Who is this “Democratic National Committee official,” Patrick Murphy? It sounds like one of the absurd comments that come out in his press releases. (And yes, I will miss making fun of them.)

Read the rest of The Hill blog post here:



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