Treason, Terror, and Self-Righteousness

Viewing anarchism as a virtue and disruption as a courageous act, Julian Assange published secret documents, attacking indiscriminately in a self-righteous act of indignation at a world that does not conduct itself according to his personal wishes. For this, he is a hero to other “elites” who believe they, and only they, know right and wrong and wish to bring the “establishment” down in any way they can.

The secret documents Assange made public were provided to him by an Army private, Bradley Manning, who also was lashing out at a world that did not suit his individual desires. Both are products of an idealistic ideology that consistently ignores consequences in pursuit of forcing their ideology on everyone. Both wish to shape the world to fit their personal, egotistical notions.

The international turmoil caused by these leaks is to be envied by terrorist organizations such as Al Qaida. They, too, long for international chaos accompanied by as many deaths as can be achieved. Assange is now using terroristic tactics by threatening to release more damaging documents if he is arrested or killed. This puts him firmly in the camp of terrorists, divorcing himself from the pretense of being a journalist, and he should be treated as such.

Bradley Manning clearly committed treason, the only crime explicitly defined in the Constitution, and he should be tried for that crime. Another low level military clerk, Bryan Minkyu Martin, just committed treason by selling classified documents to an FBI agent posing as a foreign government representative. It is highly doubtful either will face charges of treason. Our government chooses to use Jane Fonda as a precedent, allowing treasonous acts to be ignored in order to avoid controversy. Perhaps Manning and Martin will also put out exercise videos, reaping millions for their treasonous acts.

This entire Wikileaks fiasco comes across like a well-written novel with treason, terror, and self-righteousness providing plot twists that only occur in fiction. Unfortunately, this is not fiction and the damage being done is real and will reverberate for years. We need to set an example by dealing with this severely or there will be many more Wikileak-like incidents to come. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to occur.

David J. Hentosh


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