Troop Frustration in Afghanistan

While the debate in the US rages over the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy of the military and the press continues to make (urge?) repealing that policy a major story, morale of troops in Afghanistan is waning. It is not because of DADT. It is because of other policies brought on by politics.

Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai’s corrupt government has forced the release or transfer of 500 captured Taliban fighters that were being held in a detention center in Parwan. These detainees were being held because they participated in the war as enemy combatants and were determined to be a continuing threat if released.

It is well known that many of those released will end up returning to the battlefield to continue fighting and killing. There are even more being released in smaller outposts before they even officially become detainees. American and NATO troops have witnessed this on many occasions and this latest mass release is very frustrating.

This is Obama’s war and it is being undermined by the very government we allowed to be installed in Afghanistan. That corrupt government is making our troops’ efforts worthless and putting them in more danger than necessary while we do nothing to stop it. Instead, the military issue that the Obama administration is concentrating on is the politically correct one of repealing DADT.

Perhaps it is because Obama understands very little about the military and, in fact, has been weaned on political ideology that holds the military in contempt. Perhaps it is because of his obsession with social issues and the “fundamental transformation” he promised. Whatever the reason, our troops deserve much more attention than they are getting and deserve to be higher on this administration’s priority list.

The press, too, should be much more concerned with this issue. It is a major story and it certainly should replace DADT as a headliner. Unfortunately, it won’t because it would also shed light on this administration’s mishandling of the war they told us was the “right” one.

David J. Hentosh


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