Yodeling Man Fined for Offending Muslims

From Israelnationalnews.com (by way of Drudge)

An Austrian court has recently fined a citizen for yodeling while mowing his lawn, according to a report in The Kronen Zeitung newspaper…was told by the court that his yodeling offended his next-door Muslim neighbors, who accused him of trying to mock and imitate the call of the Muezzin…his neighbors were in the middle of a prayer when he started to yodel. The Kronen Zeitung reported that he was fined 800 Euros after judges ruled that he could have tried to offend his neighbors and ridicule their belief.

Read it here: Yodeling Offends Muslims




One Response to “Yodeling Man Fined for Offending Muslims”

  1. Karen Bracken Says:

    Maybe he should counter sue and say the chants from the Muslim prayers is offensive to him. There are just no words to explain how ridiculous this world is getting. The Muslims want to take over and we are handing them our countries on a silver platter. There is not law against ridicule or teasing someone. Can’t take it move to a mountain top or better yet back to your own country. Last time I looked there was no law against yodeling.

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