Common Sense Needed to Preserve American Values Before It’s Too Late

From the Bucks County Courier Times, by TJC member Larry S. Breeden:

The window of opportunity for change is a fleeting moment. We must seize it when it presents itself.

As the 18th century turned to the 19th century, one of the issues to confront America was: What official language to use as a nation? The choice was between the Germanic and the English language. There was an equal number of each in America at that time. English language prevailed but was never officially mandated.

Today election ballots in many states are mandated to be printed in Spanish and various Asian dialects among others. On a trip to Washington State, my brother and I visited a Walmart for some packing material. After several minutes of searching we could not find a clerk who spoke English to answer some simple queries.

We have now lost the “edge” in making English the official language of our country and are becoming a Balkanized country.

When the 19th century turned to the 20th century, many changes took place in America. We see remnants of the old in some of the laws and/or ordinances on signposts in such places as the subways in New York City, the likes such as “Don’t expectorate on the sidewalk.” This was done for practical matters because the phlegm often contained tuberculosis bacteria. I’m not sure if it ever went to court to test the constitutionality of the rule, but the ruling was for the “common good” of society.

Read the rest here.


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