The Left is Embarrassing in Their Embarrassment

Nina Totenberg, a so-called “journalist” on NPR, recently displayed leftist embarrassment at the very word “Christmas” while speaking about politics, saying: “…And I was at – forgive the expression – a Christmas party at the Department of Justice…” The video of this asinine statement clearly shows she is totally embarrassed at having to say “Christmas Party”. It is a sure bet she would have no such problem talking about a “Ramadan” celebration.

The self-righteous and pompous need to express bias in such a way makes Totenberg an embarrassment to all journalists and to all Americans. The ignorance displayed was astounding and the fact that she not only gets away with this type of behavior, but receives awards for it, is pathetic. She was given a pass from her peers for being fired for plagiarism years ago and continues to be given a pass for biased “reporting”. This is an embarrassment to every American citizen.

Another embarrassment for America is Michael Moore. His recent acknowledgement of donating $20K to bail out Julian Assange was followed by a statement of pride in Assange’s actions to deliberately hurt the United States. Moore has been self-righteously disgusted at the country that allowed him to become a multi-millionaire for making mediocre films. His attitude is an embarrassment to all pursuing the American Dream.

Even one of Moore’s heroes, Fidel Castro, is embarrassed by Moore’s ideology. One of the disclosed Wikileaks documents (a little irony in that) shows that Castro found Moore’s film, “Sicko”, to be a myth depicting Cuban health facilities that do not exist, and wanted to ban the film in Cuba. When Castro says your praise of him is not warranted, you know you have gone over-the-top.

There are many other vocal leftists who continuously make disparaging remarks about the country that generously gives them the freedom to do so. Michelle Obama’s famous quote pertaining to a lack of pride in this country shows how common this sort of self-flagellation has become and how high it reaches. It is embarrassing to all Americans to have this displayed around the world as typical American views.

David J. Hentosh


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