Eric Holder is Dangerous

Politically correct Attorney General Eric Holder was interviewed by ABC News on the subject of terrorism. As astutely shown in an analysis from NewsBusters, he avoided using the words “Islam”, “Muslim”, “jihad”, “fundamentalist”, and “Hood” (as in Ft. Hood) throughout the entire interview. It is hard to imagine a serious discussion of terrorism that did not contain any of those words, but Holder made sure he did so.

This is the same Eric Holder who refused to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation (caught on video tape) and wants to give terrorists civilian trials. The civilian trial acquittal of terrorist Ahmed Ghailani did nothing to dissuade Holder from his PC pursuits. He is now vigorously suing a school for refusing to give a Muslim teacher three weeks off during the school year, without pay, for a Muslim pilgrimage.

If he somehow manages to win that lawsuit, we will surely see Holder suing several school systems next year for refusing to hire Muslims as teachers. Who would hire a teacher knowing that, by law, they may need to bring in a substitute for at least three weeks? How does this help our children’s education? How would this even help Muslim teachers? How does this make us safer? It doesn’t, but Eric Holder cares more about being politically correct than anything else.

Holder made a fool of himself by criticizing Arizona’s new immigration law before even reading it. It was inevitable he would bring lawsuits against Arizona’s attempt to protect itself. He views immigration law enforcement as the federal government’s responsibility but suing sanctuary cities is not on his PC plate. Enforcing the federal government’s current immigration laws is also not on his PC plate.

Holder is under pressure because of allegations that the Civil Rights Division systematically refuses to prosecute any cases of racism against blacks. That, too, is steeped in PC ideology and mirrors Holder’s philosophy. His consistent prioritization of PC ideology is no longer just annoying or silly. It is dangerous, and it is time for the undercarriage of the Obama bus to meet Eric Holder face-to-face.

David J. Hentosh


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