Searchable Database for Pa. Earmark Requests

The Pittsburgh Business Times has a searchable database  for Pennsylvania Earmark Requests.

According to the databases, Pennsylvania lawmakers asked Congress for $4.4 billion in earmarks for fiscal year 2011, with $1.2 billion of that intended for projects in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Arlen Specter (D, PA) requested about half of all Pa. earmarks. Patrick Murphy (D, PA, 8 for another week) requested $26+ million.

Senator Robert Casey (D, PA) whose term is up in 2012, requested almost $120 million. (Note to Senator Casey — Your next in line to be tossed out.)

The thing I noticed about these earmarks is that most of them don’t look so bad (you have to assume the hospitals need the equipment or the upgrades, and that the roads need repair.) It seems the solution has to be to forgo all earmarks.

Scroll below the article to find the searchable database.

Pa. Earmark Searchable Database




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