The Michael Vick Saga

There is no need to explain the circumstances surrounding Michael Vick because this story has been growing like a forest fire in a strong wind. The latest, and most inane, comment on Vick that fueled the fire of this saga came from Tucker Carlson, a TV talking head, who said that Vick should have been executed for torturing and killing dogs. Stupidity gets headlines, especially when treated seriously, and Tucker’s comment fell deeply into the lake of stupidity.

Unfortunately, there are many who agree with Tucker’s assessment and it is stunning how deeply people feel about this. In a society that idolizes a known mass murderer such as Che Guevara by proudly displaying his image on T-shirts (especially on college campuses where it is almost mandatory attire), it is rather strange that Vick has been singled out to be demonized.

Our own government refuses to demonize mass-murdering terrorists, preferring to bring them up on criminal charges in civilian courts rather than military tribunals. In fact, one of those terrorists just beat the civilian system, acquitted on almost all charges because of civilian trial loopholes. He has not been despised nearly as much as Vick has been.

Much of the rage against Vick is on a very personal level, but it is misguided. If one believes that Vick got off easy, it is the ‘system’ that is at fault, not Vick. After all, Vick served the time given to him by the system and then proceeded to get his life back on track. Was he expected to ask for more prison time or roll over and fall into a depressed alcoholic stupor living off the dole?

The Philadelphia Eagles have also come under severe criticism for giving Vick a second chance even though it has become an American tradition to do so. We are famously known for rooting for the underdog (no pun intended) and a rapist such as Roman Polanski can get a pass as long as his work is admired. Vick’s athletic ability seems to have incensed people further rather than elicit sympathy and it seems he, and everyone else, was expected to ignore it.

Cruelty to animals is disgusting. So, too, is cruelty to people. Perhaps a more rational and consistent perspective is needed on both.

David J. Hentosh


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4 Responses to “The Michael Vick Saga”

  1. Steven Says:

    You’d be hard pressed to find a weaker argument than “hey, other bad things happen.” Fanboy apologism.

    Get back to me when 68,000 Americans who supposedly revere their civilized society sit out in the cold to cheer Roman Polanski or a group of terrorists on.

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      I guess you missed the TV pictures of thousands upon thousands of people around the world cheering the loss of the twin towers and 3000 lives – and combine that with the apologetic tone of progressives towards terrorists (who they won’t call terrorists). I’ll also add the absolution and adoration of Ted Kennedy after his still unexplained episode at the bridge where a young lady, not a dog, died. The idea here was to try to get a more rational perspective on this issue. You, of course, chose to gfind a less rational one.

      • Steven Says:

        I guess you missed the part where I said “civilized society” to specifically disinclude the Muslim world. We’re America. We’re supposed to be better than that.

        The more “rational perspective” is to accept sick behavior because others have accepted other sick behavior? I think that’s generally the way societies fall.

        There is certain behavior that is so abhorrent as to make a human being nonredeemable, no matter how well he throws a football or scrambles away from pressure.

      • Steven Says:

        Did you accept Ted Kennedy’s behavior? What did you think of the people who did? That’s how I feel about people who accept Michael Vick’s.

        Did you accept Roman Polanski’s behavior? What did you think of the people who did? That’s how I feel about people who accept Michael Vick’s.

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