Time to Get Involved!

You might think that after all the work done for the 2010 midterm election that we can take a breath and relax a bit. We did–over the holidays.

Time to get back to work!

You might have vowed to work to get more conservatives into Congress in the next session, or to work on a presidential campaign. Those are important to do, but, there are other possibilities, and they are important as well.

We need people to get involved in all sorts of ways. A few very active people can’t change everything, but if everyone does something, we can turn things around.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make sure you are registered to vote. If you’re not, do it now. Yes, we don’t have an election for a while, but time flies. Don’t wait.
  • Get educated. Read. Learn about the issues. What are the problems you see in your business or in your life? What possible solutions do you see?
  • Know who your senators and congressmen–or women–are. Check their websites. Who is coming up for election? (Congressman at the national level in the House are re-elected every two years. Senators every six. In Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey (D, PA) is up for re-election in the next cycle.)
  • Educate yourself about local elections and candidates. County commissioners, township supervisors, and school board members are important too. Stop choosing local candidates by voting for those on sample ballot who were chosen by the “powers that be” in the local party, or by the fallback “einie, meanie, miney, moe” method. Make an effort to meet them or hear them speak. Check their websites if they have one. Read the voters’ guide in the local paper. Make your decision on who to vote for in every office at every level ahead of time, write the names on a piece of paper, and take it with you when you vote. Do not go to the polls unprepared!
  • Attend Town Hall Meetings. Congressman (as of tomorrow) Mike Fitzpatrick, (R, PA, 8th) has committed to holding frequent town hall meetings. Plan to attend, his, and others if anyone else has them. (Don’t hold your breath for Senator Casey.)
  • Volunteer. Volunteer at a local government office, or in an elected official’s office. Get on a local planning board.
  • Attend local meetings. Attend school board meetings, township meetings, county supervisors’ meetings. Get educated on the issues. Don’t be like the folks in Doylestown Township who found out their taxes are going up because a few people attended one township supervisors’ meeting and asked that taxes be raised. (These three or four people were the only ones who showed up, so the supervisors voted to raise taxes as requested.) Think about how much you pay in school taxes. Isn’t it worth the time to attend at least one meeting a month? Maybe you can be one of the people who forces them hold firm on the union contract.
  • Get involved in local party politics. Stop letting a few folks in Doylestown choose who wins the primary.
  • Finally, run for office yourself! Local committeeman,  school board member, township supervisor;  all are places you can make a difference. In the last primary election, the Thomas Jefferson Club worked to get local Republican committeemen elected, and more than 30 were. We need more candidates to run for more spots next time. (There are more than 600 Republican committeeman spots in Bucks County and some are vacant! If you’re a Democrat, run as a Democratic committeeman.) Thomas Jefferson Club member Jennifer Stefano is holding aThe Loyal Opposition Recruitment Night” January 12th at the Washington Crossing Inn at 7PM to help people run for these local seats. Step up. Attend.

Make a difference!


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