Mike Fitzpatrick NOT off to a Good Start

From ABC:


Somehow two House Republicans yesterday neglected to get sworn in as new members of Congress.

A photo on www.phillyburbs.com shows, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas with Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania were on Capitol Hill but during the swearing-in ceremony they were not in the House chamber but rather in front of a television in the Capitol Visitors Center.

Today Sessions and Fitzpatrick were on the House floor, voting and reading the Constitution – just like every other sworn-in member of Congress. And Sessions helped preside over a hearing of the House Rules Committee on the GOP’s push to repeal the health care law.

But once GOP leaders learned that two of their members weren’t yet legitimate members of Congress, they abruptly stopped the Rules hearing on the health care law.

Read the rest here:


According to the Bucks County Courier Times article:

Sessions, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said he frequently called Fitzpatrick last year and urged him to run. He described the former Bucks County commissioner as a “patriot + I knew we would win with him.”

Perhaps. But  these two should follow the rules, just like everyone else. They aren’t helping by causing disruption and delay. We expect better, especially from people who aren’t new to Washington.


Here is a fine example of why the Republicans (especially those who already know their way around Washington) should mind their Ps and Qs. Bitter liberals will be looking for–and reporting on — any gaff to make conservatives look stupid. From New York Magazine: Republicans Violate Constitution on “Love the Constitution Day”

And there’s this from the Huffington Post.

Another Update:

It didn’t take the DCCC long to chime in: Republicans Can’t Get Their House in Order: Sessions & Fitzpatrick MIA

From Slate: Two Republican Members Voted Without Being Sworn in

Thanks Mike.




One Response to “Mike Fitzpatrick NOT off to a Good Start”

  1. Grego Says:

    Seriously, Mike??? I’ve had serious concerns about you all along, based on your past track record. In the end I did vote for you and support your campaign but this doesn’t do very much to sustain my faith in your capabilities to proudly and effectively serve the 8th district. We’re watching you, Mike and you’d better tow the line!!!

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