The Naked Truth – Curb Immigration With Nudity

While Greece is taking the standard approach to curbing illegal immigration by building a fence along its border with Turkey, Denmark is exploring creative options to deal with its high rate of legal immigration from Muslim countries.

A foreign policy spokesman for the Danish People’s Party wants to include footage of sunbathing topless women in tourist videos in an effort to scare away new Muslim immigrants. He believes that extremists would think twice about coming to an open society such as Denmark if they see bare breasts. The founder of the Moderate Muslim movement and member of the Danish parliament, Naser Khader, believes it may do just the opposite and entice those extremists who are also obsessed with sex to come to Denmark.

It is interesting to note that Denmark has become so politically correct that facing a real immigration problem head-on is not an option and a more discrete means is being sought. While it is good to see that they are finally recognizing they have a problem, it is somewhat disconcerting to see them attempt to deal with a harsh reality in such an offbeat manner, even if there is a modicum of logic to it.

In any event, if the method ends up being even slightly successful, we in the US can look forward to topless stewardesses becoming a standard security measure for airlines. Those currently protesting full body scans at airports by disrobing completely may actually be way ahead of the curve and become our best defense against Muslim extremists. It could also provide a financial boost to the airline industry by attracting more travelers – and it’s much cheaper than the scanners.

David J. Hentosh


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