Oathgate Just Won’t Die

Great. The Dems are not letting this stupid mistake go. As someone who has already been in Washington in the past, Mike Fitzpatrick should know better.

From The Hill:

Three government watchdogs are calling for an ethics investigation into the reception a House Republican held in the Capitol while the 112th Congress was being sworn in on Wednesday.

The Campaign Legal Center and the Sunlight Foundation said Friday that the Office of Congressional Ethics should look into whether Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) violated House rules by soliciting campaign contributions for his swearing-in ceremony.

Read the rest here.


2 Responses to “Oathgate Just Won’t Die”

  1. thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

    Agreed. It’s obvious this wasn’t intended to be a fundraiser. Our disappointment is that Fitzpatrick was either naive or foolish enough not to understand that any mistake he made, no matter how minor, was going to be picked apart. To step into this mess because he wasn’t taking care of business by being on the floor when the swearing in occurred shows incompetency on somebody’s part (surely John Boehner didn’t just randomly decide to swear everyone in at the spur of the moment.)

    Surely Fitzpatrick’s staff had a schedule of events that included the swearing-in time. If not, why not? If they did, why weren’t they keeping Fitzpatrick on schedule?

    Fizpatrick has been in Washington before. Surely he understands how anxious the Dems are to make Republicans look foolish. To not consider how the fees requests for bus payment could be construed-or misconstrued== is a problem.

    Bottom line is that this is a very poor beginning. We hope Mike gets his staff–and himself–up to speed. We can’t afford stupid, incompetent gaffes because someone isn’t doing his job.


  2. Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. Says:

    Mike hosted–for the public–the largest swearing-in celebration of any non-leadership member of the House; it was not a $$$-raiser.

    For the D’s to huff-and-to-puff this de-minimus event is absurd, particularly noting the substantive violations of House rules which have transpired under Pelosi.

    Indeed, this kerfuffle pales in comparison to the assassination-attempt, both in terms of news-worthiness and national security impact.

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