Opportunity to Make A Difference

Last week we posted this: Time to Get Involved!

A good way to get involved is to become more attentive to what is happening at the local level. This might be as simple as going to school board or township meetings, or running for the school board or local committeeperson. On Wednesday, there’s a meeting to inform people interested in running for local seats and folks interested in helping those who run. Thomas Jefferson Club member Jennifer Stefano is holding the meeting at the Washington Crossing Inn. It will be at the Washington Crossing Inn, Jan. 12, 8:00.

Remember, just showing up to vote a couple times a year isn’t enough. If we’re going to change things, we have to get involved.





One Response to “Opportunity to Make A Difference”

  1. James Byrd Says:

    All citizens should take advantage in the freedom we enjoy here in America. Politics affect every Americans life. If we could all just spend a few minutes a day to familiarize ourselves and our families with whats going on in our town, state, and country.


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