Buck Up and Stop Obamacare

From the Washington Times, Written by  Dr. Milton Wolf, a cousin of President Obama’s:

Forty-six. Twelve. Four. I hope to tattoo those numbers right onto the brain of every Republican member of Congress. 46-12-4. If that sounds like a launch code or a countdown, that’s because in some ways it is. 46-12-4 is a warning that Americans are increasingly losing their patience with Washington and won’t wait long to remove members of Congress from either party who go astray.

American voters managed to tolerate the Democrats’ reign in theHouse of Representatives for 46 years from the “Dewey Defeats Truman” upset of 1948to Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution of 1994. Voters were only able to stomach that spendthrift crop of Republicans for 12 years before pulling the plug on them in 2006. A mere four years later, increasingly frustrated voters wasted little time before ousting the subsequent Democratic replacements in the shellacking of the young century when in November they unceremoniously yanked that oversized gavel out of Nancy Pelosi‘s hand. 46-12-4. The accelerating pattern of voter frustration is unmistakable, and my fellow Republicans should not get too cozy with the new power they’ve been granted.

Read the rest here: Buck up and stop Obamacare


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