Knees are Jerking Wildly

In the wake of almost every tragedy, there is a knee-jerk reaction from those who believe all bad things can be prevented with legislation. The latest tragic shooting in Arizona has knees jerking in rhythm to an ideological beat that is out of synch with reality.

Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) is following the jerking of his knee by trying to introduce legislation that would outlaw the threatening of lawmakers. The fact that real threats are already illegal has little bearing on Brady’s thinking. He wants to make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be “perceived” as threatening or inciting violence. This, of course, is in lock-step with the left-wing agenda of labeling conservatives as violent and dangerous in order to silence them.

No doubt Brady believes he is the one who should determine what is or isn’t a “perceived” threat. “Elites” believe they, and only they, know what is good for all. They also believe more government control is the answer to everything, therefore, legislating against perceived threats will end them because more laws give government more control.

This, of course, works well for the left-wing when they are in control of the White House and Congress because it helps them quell dissent from the right. When they can make the determination of “perceived” threats, they can, and will, silence the opposition. What happens when they lose that majority? It then gives the right-wing that same determination and you can bet the left would not find it pleasant. This type of advanced thinking seems to be over the heads of the “elites”.

We are inundated with laws that have been enacted in response to isolated tragedies as if by doing so our lawmakers prove their worth. None of these laws can stop violence from crazies or those intent on doing violence. These laws do nothing more than create loopholes providing lawyers with an income and judges with a means of legislating from the bench through “interpretation”.

Perhaps we need a law outlawing knee-jerk reactions. Then, of course, someone would have to determine what is or isn’t a knee-jerk reaction.

David J. Hentosh

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