Bucks County Commissioner Candidates

As a service to the registered Republican voters in Bucks County, PA, The Kitchen Table Patriots investigated and interviewed candidates seeking to fill the County Commissioner seat that will be vacated by Jim Cawley when he is inaugurated as Lieutenant Governor in January. We’ve divided their information into two parts: this first, which is some general information, and the second, which has information on the individual candidates.

Thanks to the Kitchen Table Patriots for compiling this information:

How Commissioners Are Selected:

According to law, this position will remain in Republican hands and be filled by a candidate selected by a panel of Bucks County Judges.  The list candidates to be considered will be submitted by The Bucks County Republican Committee.  The Republican Committee Executives (approximately 90) will vote on these candidates from the group of candidates that have applied for the position.  To the best of our knowledge, The Kitchen Table Patriots has met with all of the candidates.  Most of these candidates also agreed to be video recorded.  Although the interviews normally lasted about an hour or more, the recording that will be made available will consist of only an introduction by the candidate and their summary of their qualifications for the position.

The candidate that is ultimately installed will fulfill the remainder of Mr. Cawley’s term which expires in January of 2012.  He or she will also need to run in the May primary election along with the other existing Republican Commission Chairman
Charles H. Martin.  The two winners of the Republican primary will then stand for election in November of 2011 against two Democratic candidates which will likely include the current Democratic Commissioner Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia.  A third party or independent candidate could also run in the November election if the meet the requirements.

The three candidates with the most votes will then become the new Commissioners with a four year term.

The Challenge:

We are asking you to review the videos for watch of the candidates so that you can get a general impression of each of them.  We would also ask you to consider our impressions of each of the candidates based upon our research and our interview.  We will also provide a list of the executives and the areas that they represent.  We believe that it would be appropriate for you to contact these executives and voice your opinion to them on the candidates since they will be representing you when they cast their ballots.  Besides being selected to fill the position, it is also expected that this person will also be the endorsed candidate for the primary and, assuming that there is not an insurgent candidate that wins the primary in May, they will also be the candidate on the November ballot.  This is likely to be the only time to have your opinion taken into consideration regarding this position where it can make a significant difference.

The Interviews:

There were six people from The Kitchen Table Patriots involved in this effort, though not all of them were available for all of the interviews.  The opinions observations presented below have been the result of a collaborative effort amongst the KTP members involved.  We have also included the questions that we provided to each candidate prior to the interview at the end of this document.  Due to timing, some of them had less than a day to review these questions.  Most had several days.  There were also questions that were asked that were not on the list that followed the course of the conversation or were relevant to only a single or limited number of candidates.  The objective of the questions was to discern the qualifications of the candidates and not to catch them off guard or make them defensive.

See Part Two for information on the individual candidates.



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