John Murtha: Gone, but Not Forgotten, Sadly

Did you see this from Tea Party Nation?

It seems that a San Antonio class Amphibious Transport Dock ship (LPD-26) will be named after the late Pennsylvania Congressman (and earmark gatherer/money waster extraordinaire) John Murtha.

Don’t we already have enough stuff named after one of the worst congressmen ever?

From Tea Party Nation:

The USS Cold Blooded Killers

The naming of ships in the United States Navy is a storied tradition.  In the past, the convention was fairly simple.   Aircraft carriers were named for battles or famous ships.  Battleships named for states, Cruisers for cities, destroyers for famous sailors or marines and submarines for fish.

That convention became confused in the sixties and seventies.  Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the modern nuclear navy was once asked by a subordinate why a submarine was being named after a politician instead of a fish.  Admiral Rickover replied, because politicians have more votes than fish.

The naming of Navy ships, though confusing, has not created a lot of public debate until now.  Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus announced that a new San Antonio class Amphibious Transport Dock ship (LPD-26) would be named after the late Congressman John Murtha.   The San Antonio class is one of the most modern in the navy.  The job of those ships is to transport Marines into harm’s way.

Murtha was a Marine officer in Viet Nam, being the first Viet Nam era officer to be elected to Congress.  He volunteered for Viet Nam where he received a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

Because of Murtha’s service, Mabus decided that it was appropriate to name this ship after him.  All of the other ships of the class are named after cities, including three, New York, Arlington and Somerset that were hit on 9/11.

Unfortunately, Murtha long since squandered whatever credit he had earned as a Marine.

Read the rest here.


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