Befuddlement of the Left

Carl Bernstein, an ideological hero for the left, displayed his befuddlement and ignorance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show recently when he couldn’t remember why he started bashing Sarah Palin. His totally fabricated reason showed how he, and many others on the left, react to what they “believe” is true rather than to what actually is true. It is pathetic and Bernstein’s adament assertion that his totally fabricated fact is true shows how out of touch with reality many on the left really are.

From NewsBusters

On Morning Joe today, Carl Bernstein insisted Sarah Palin was “ignorant,” but couldn’t remember why…Bernstein began by denouncing Palin as a “demagogue.”  When Joe Scarborough asked him why he had written a column branding her as “ignorant” the day after McCain announced her as his running mate, Bernstein simply couldn’t remember. At a loss for words, Carl claimed “she didn’t know where the hell” Russia was on a map.

Read and watch it here: Swiping at Sarah



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