Strange But, Unfortunately, True

In order to “protect” the children, a primary school in the UK issued customized yearbooks to the parents of 4-yr-olds with the eyes of all children but their own blacked out. This was in keeping with the school policy of banning all photographs of children during performances or school events. The policy was made due to “The proliferation of internet web pages and social networking sites” and has resulted in many photographs of children with blacked-out eyes.

Britain’s Equality Act acknowledges “third-party harassment”, meaning an employee who merely overhears another person, even a customer, say something he finds offensive can sue his employer. This opens the door to lawsuits over “perceived” offenses – and a very large door that is.

Also in the UK, Britain’s National Health Service is offering those on organ donor waiting lists the option of receiving organs from former smokers, drug addicts, cancer patients and the elderly. They say a shortage of healthy organs has forced them into this position.

Here in the US, Medicare pays more in wheelchair rental fees than it would if the chairs were purchased outright. Medicare only rents wheelchairs and they rent them for $490 to $1,750 a month. Compared to a lightweight wheelchair that can be purchased for $99, Medicare is certainly wasting a lot of money by sticking to its rental policy.

Speaking of wasted money, In Bridgewater, NJ, the town council paid $17,000 in legal fees after being sued by a resident angry about paying $5 for a CD recording of a council meeting. The New Jersey Government Record Council deemed the resident only had to pay the actual cost of the CD, so the resident received a $4.04 refund plus $3500.00 in legal fees. When the council’s legal fees are added, a total amount of $17,000 was lost because the council wouldn’t budge on a $5.00 fee.

David J. Hentosh


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