PC War Against Words

Considering all of the things that CNN may owe viewers an apology for, it is pretty lame that an apology for using the word “crosshairs” was offered. We are losing more and more legitimate words to political correctness and CNN’s apology is just another bullet in the ridiculous war against perceived “offensive” words.

Words, by themselves, should not be considered offensive. It is their usage and intent that can legitimately cause offense. Treating a word as offensive under any circumstance is an ineffective and lazy way of dealing with verbal offense. It is placing a Band-Aid on the compound fracture that incivility and disrespect have become to our society.

It is ridiculous that certain words are being replaced in society. The “N-word” is nothing more than a synonym conveying the same idea (or offense) as that of the original word. Given time, it, too, will become offensive. Perhaps in many years when it morphs into something like “enwore”, society will replace it with “E-word”, but the meaning and intent will remain.

The recent removal of the “N-word” from Huckleberry Finn (replaced with the word “slave”) and the banning of the classic Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing” from Canadian radio because of its use of one of our two “F-words” is inane PC censorship. In the case of Huckleberry Finn, a recognized literary classic will lose much of its meaning, importance, and impact because of this PC nonsense.

Many who are offended by the “N-word” in Huckleberry Finn do not fully understand its use in the book. They find it offensive only because they have been conditioned to do so by our PC society. As more perceived offensive words get replaced with a “Letter-word”, our ability to communicate will erode further.

The following are in the PC censorship funnel waiting to be banned: plantation, master, chink, immigrant, illegal, homo, family values, normal, bum, crazy, criminal, fairy, fat, ghetto, handicapped, housewife, jungle, janitor, secretary, ugly, janitor, niggardly, buck, boob, cracker, gay, spade, Yankee, white bread, retard, Indian, Oriental, idiot, moron, failure, coyote, drunk, mobster, manhole, blacklisted, white lie………… Where does it stop?

David J. Hentosh


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